By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess

Prayer and Homage to Sekhmet-Bast-Ra (From the Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Hail and homage to thee, Oh Sekhmet-Bast-Ra

Mistress of the Gods, Bearer of Wings

Lady of the Red and Green Apparel

Divine Preserver of Cosmic Justice,
Lady of the Dance and Flame

Thou who art the mighty one, who offers the Hekau, or words of power

In the Boat of Millions of Years

Thou art the Great Lioness, Oh Exalted Lady

Avenger of the Gods
Queen of the Sovereign Powers

The Guardian of this Temple

Great One of Magic, Lady of the Beginning of Time

Thou art pre-eminent, and riseth in the Seat of Silence

And art Mistress of the Tomb

We honour thee! The Lion Goddess, the Strong, the Mighty!

Save us from terror, save us from the Burning heat of the desert sun
Save us from the darkness of our own fears

On thy brow, thou bearest the Uatchat-Buto, who giveth the snakebite of Ecstasy

Light in us the Spark of your healing flame of Ammi-Seshat

That we may not perish in your Ordeal of Fire, but be Transformed

Thou who art like unto Hathor the Goddess of Love

And to your sister, the Cat Goddess Bast

Thou art the Lady of Amentet, Lady of Manu, The Mountain of the Setting Sun

And art Queen of the Western Libyan Lands

Great Lady, Beloved of your husband Ptah, the Architect
And to your son, God of Healers, Nefertum

Beloved teacher, beloved protectress, thou art the destroyer of evil
Great sphinx of the Galaxy

Holy one, powerful one. Beloved Sekhmet

Bless all those who dwell in thy realm of departed souls

Give us strength, power and love

Praise and homage to thee, Oh Sekhmet-Bast-Ra, forever


From the Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries

Thou shall find to the left of the House of Hades a spring, and by the side standing thereof, a White Cypress. To this spring approach not near… But thou shall find another from the Lake of Memory. Cold water flowing forth and there are Guardians before it. Say: I am a child of Earth and Starry heaven. But my race is of Heaven alone. This ye know yourselves. But I am parched with thirst and I perish. Give me quickly the cold water flowing forth. And they will give thee to drink of the Holy Spring, and thereafter among other heroes, thou shalt have lordship…..

Prayer of Morgana (Anne Barron)

From beneath me arises the Energy of the Earth
My Home and my Foundation
From Above me pours down the Power of the Sun

And the Enchanting light of the Moon

To my Right hand, comes the strength to control

And direct the arts of magic

To my left hand, flows the skill to Divine and Heal

The Source of Blessing

Before me, arises the Perfected One I strive to become

My magical true self

Behind me, falls the One I was, and with it all my discarded faults

Around me, Circle the Eternal Stars, Lamps of Wisdom

In the depths of Space and Time

Within me, grows the Flame of Light

The Jewel of Experience and Arcane Knowledge

Oh me and my world, may blessing be

From the Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts

I have come from the House of the Leonine One

I left there for the House of Isis

I saw Her Hidden Mysteries in that

She let me see the Birth of the Great God


Praise and Homage to Ra (From the Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Anetch Hra-ku, Praise and Homage to thee, Oh Ra

Exalted Sekhem, the Power, the Mighty One of the Journeyings

Thou orderest Thy steps by Mayet, Goddess of Truth
Thou art the Soul that doeth good to the body

Thou art Senk-hra, the Divine Face of Light

Thou art superior to whom the gods cannot be!

Thou makest new the Earth, and openest a way for that which is hidden

Ra sitteth on his Barque of a Million of Years

And he hath gathered together the company of the Gods

Which enter the celestial regions of light

Grant that I may sit upon the Barque of Ra

Oh Homage to Thee, Oh Amum-Ra, who rests upon Mayet

Millions of years have passed in the world
And I cannot tell the number through which thou hast passed

Thou passes through them in peace
This thou does in an instant of time

Praise and homage to thee, Oh Ra

Baraka, blessings


Magical Herbalism (refer to Scott Cunningham’s ‘Magical Herbalism’)

Acacia – Protection, clairvoyance. Angelica – Protection, exorcism.  

Anise – Protection, purification Apple – Love, healing

Ash – Protection, psychism.  Basil – Purification, protection

Bay – Protection, clairvoyance. Bistort – Clairvoyance, fertility

Burdock – Purification, protection. Camomile – Relaxation, meditation

Caraway – Passion, protection. Carnation – Protection, energy

Catnip – Love, animals  Clover – Protection, luck

Comfrey – Protection, travel.  Dill – Protection, love

Dragon’s Blood – Energy, purification Elder – Purification, love

Eyebright – Clairvoyance, healing. Fern – Protection, love

Garlic – Protection, exorcism. Hawthorn – Protection, purification

Hazel – Fertility. protection.  Heather – Protection, travel

Holly – Protection, knowledge Honeysuckle – Prosperity, clairvoyance

Hyacinth – Love, protection.  Ivy – Protection, soulsearching

Juniper – Protection, love  Lovage – Love, purification

Mandrake – Protection, fertility Marigold – Love, clairvoyance

Majoram – Protection, love  Mistletoe – Protection, love

Myrtle – Love, fertility.  Nettle – Protection. purification

Nutmeg – Clairvoyance, healing Oak – Fertility, protection

Orris – Love, romance  Pennyroyal – Protection, exorcism

Pine – Fertility, purification.  Poppy – Fertility, prosperity

Rowan – Protection, healing  Rue – Protection, purification

Saffron – Purification, clairvoyance. Sage – Healing, prosperity

St Johns Wort – Protection, exorcism. Sunflower – Protection, fertility

Sweet Pea – Attraction, love  Thistle – Protection, exorcism

Thornapple – Purification, protection. Thyme – Clairvoyance. Purification

Valerian – Love, relaxation.  Vervain – Love, purification

Walnut – Fertility, healing  Willow – Healing, desires

From the ‘Isles of the Happy’ (Ancient Celtic)

There is a distant isle, around which the sea horses of Manannan glisten. A fair course against the white swelling surge. Four pedestals uphold it

A delight to the eyes, a glorious range. Is the plain on which the hosts hold games…fairest land throughout the world. On which many blossoms drop

An ancient tree there is in bloom. On which birds call to the hours. In harmony of song they all are wont. To chant together every hour. 
Colours of every shade glisten, throughout the gentle-voiced plains. Joy is known, ranked around music. In silver cloud plain to the southward

Unknown is wailing or treachery. In the homely well tilled land. There is nothing rough or harsh. But sweet music striking the ear.
Without grief, without gloom, without death. Without any sickness or debility. That is the sign of Evin. Uncommon is the like of such a marvel……


Druidic Magical Tree Lore (the Ogham)

Birch – Beth – Tree of the Bards and New Beginnings

Rowan – Luis – Mountain Ash and Lightning Protection

Alder – Fearn – Oracular and Protective

Willow – Saille – Visions and the Moon

Ash – Nuinn – As Above, So Below

Hawthorn – Huath – May Queen and Beltaine

Oak – Duir – Tree of the Druids and Doorway to the Mysteries

Holly – Tinne - Anti lightening and Mars

Hazel – Coll – Divining rods and wands

Apple – Quert – Samhain and Isles of the Dead

Vine – Muin – Prophecy and Mortality

Ivy – Gort – The Green Man and the God

Reed – Ngetal – Action and Energy

Blackthorn – Straiff – No choice and Purification

Elder – Ruis – Fate and the Triple Goddess

Silver Fir – Ailim – High Views and Approach

Furze – Ohn – Collecting and Hoarding

Heather – Ur – Inner Self and the Goddess

White Poplar – Eadha – Rebirth and Healing

Yew –Ioho –Tree of the Ovate and Prophecy

Grove – Koad – Sacred Place, Circle of Trees or Nemeton of the Tribe or Touta

Spindle – Oir – Sweetness and Delight

Honeysuckle – Uilleand – Hidden Secrets and Jupiter

Beech – Phagos – Old Knowledge and Wisdom

Sea – Mor – Travel and Water

From Taliesin’s ‘The Defence of the Chair’ (Ancient Welsh)

My Chair is in Caer Siddi

Where no-one is affected by age or illness

It is surrounded by three circles of fire

To the borders of the city comes the ocean’s flood

A fruitful fountain plays before it….

From an Initiate’s Funerary Plate of the Greek Mysteries

I have come from the pure, pure Queen of those below
……and of other gods and daemons

For I avow that I am of your Blessed Race

I have paid the penalty for deeds unrighteous

Whether it be that fate laid me low, or the Gods immortal…

Or with star flung thunderbolt…

I have flown out of the sorrowful, weary circle

I have passed with swift feet to the diadem desired

I have sunk beneath to the throne of Despoina, Queen of the Underworld

And now I come as a supplicant to Holy Persephone
That of her grace she send me to the seats of the hallowed

Happy and blessed one, thou shalt be god instead of mortal.