By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess


‘To Dare, To Know, To Will and To Be Silent‘

To Dare – corresponds to Water, to be daring in magic. Audere in Latin

To Know – corresponds to Air, to gain knowledge of magic. Noscere in Latin

To Will – corresponds to Fire, to will in magic. Velle in Latin

To Be Silent – corresponds to Earth, to be silent in magic. Tacere in Latin

NB – Fifth element is ‘Ire’ in Latin – to progress or evolve

NINE METAPHYSICAL LAWS (From Murry Hope’s ‘Practical Celtic Magic’)

Law of Rebound

Law of Three Requests

Law of Challenge

Law of Equalities

Law of Balance

Law of Summons

Law of Polarities

Law of Cause and Effect

Law of Abundance


Sun – Rulership, Integration, Creativity, Personality, Will Power, Nature

Moon – Responsive, Reflective, Instinctive, Intuitive, Emotional, Receptive

Mercury – Communication, Intellect, Reason, Adaptive, Perception, Expression

Venus – Harmony, Art, Beauty, Possessions, Love, Affection, Lust

Mars – Discrimination, Bravery, Drive, Energy, Anger, Destruction

Jupiter – Leadership, Generosity, Opportunity, Experience, Luck, Optimism

Saturn – Slowness, Responsibility, Hard Work, Pessimism, Research, Endurance


Uranus – Hidden depths, Originality, Inspiration, Revolution, Science, Change

Neptune – Occult, Mysticism, Psychism. Hallucinations, Visions, Delusion

Pluto – Mysteries, Secrets, Transformations, Regeneration, Obsessions, Wealth

COLOURS AND RAYS (See Murry Hope’s Practical Techniques of Psychic Self Defence)

Plane Colour/RayChakra Principles  Note

1 Red Base  Creativity/Passion C

2 Orange Stomach Energising/Stimulating D

3 Yellow Solar Plexus Intellect/Confidence E

4 Green/Pink Heart Emotions/Harmony F

5 Blue Throat Spirituality/Vision G

6 Indigo Third Eye Intuition/Imagination A

7 Violet Crown Enlightenment/Inspiration B


White – Purity and Innocence Black – Sophistication and Mischievous

Pink – Romance and Love Brown – Earthiness and Practicality

Grey – Decisiveness and Business

POWERS AND TIDES (See Dion Fortune’s ‘Aspects of Occultism’)

Planes Attributes Race  Ray Manifest

7 Spiritual-Abstract 7th  Violet Christian

6 Spiritual-Concrete 6th  Indigo Gnostic

5 Mental-Abstract 5th (Aryan) Blue Hermetic

4 Mental-Concrete 4th (Atlantean) Green Celtic

3 Astral-Upper 3rd  Yellow Solar

2 Astral-Lower 2nd  Orange Buddhist

1 Astral-Lower 1st  Red Individual

Planes: Spiritual – Force – Fire Mental – Form - Air

 Astral – Force – Water Physical – Form – Earth

Seasons: The Tides:  Spring – Aries – Fire (Equinox)

  Summer – Cancer – Water (Solstice)

  Autumn – Libra – Air (Equinox)

  Winter – Capricorn – Earth (Solstice)

Weekdays: Sunday – Sun  Monday – Moon Tuesday – Mars

 Wednesday – Mercury Thursday – Jupiter Friday – Venus

 Saturday – Saturn



Earth–North–Resources/Environment, Stone of Destiny and City of Falias, Gnomes

Air-East-Intellect/Communication, Sword of Light and City of Gorias, the Sylphs

Fire-South-Desire/Creativity, Spear of Destiny and City of Finias, the Salamanders

Water-West-Love/Emotions, Cauldron of Plenty and City of Murias, the Ondines


First Chakra (Base) – All Red stones e.g. Ruby, coral, garnet, red jasper, bloodstone

Second Chakra (Stomach) – All Orange stones e.g. Carnelian, sunstone, goldstone

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) – All Yellow stones – e.g. Topaz, citrine, amber

Fourth Chakra (Heart) – All Green and Pink Stones e.g. for green: Aventurine, emerald,
malachite, jade, dioptase, peridot; for pink: e.g. Rubellite, rose quartz,
kunzite (green for physical, pink for emotion)

Fifth Chakra (Throat) – All Blue stones e.g. Aquamarine, turquoise, blue lace agate, celestite, blue topaz

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye) – All Indigo stones e.g. Sapphire, lapis, sodalite, azurite

Seventh Chakra (Crown) – All Violet stones e.g. Amethyst, sugilite, fluorite


Black – Reflects back negativity e.g. obsidian, jet, onyx, haematite (Yang)

White – Purifies and transmutes e.g. pearl, moonstone, opal (Yin)

Brown – Acts as ‘psychic dustbin’ i.e. smokey quartz, tigers eye

Clear – Unblocks all areas i.e. crystal, Herkimer’s, selenite

Some stones are specific, e.g. Elestials, Isis, Channelling, lasers, phantoms etc


ASTROLOGY BASICS (Refer to Russell Grant’s ‘Your Sun Signs’)

ARIES – The Ram. Energy, love of action and perseverance. Impetuous, yearning to lead and conquest. Element is Fire and Ruled by Mars. Loyal and Quick tempered. Colour is red

TAURUS – The Bull. Steadfast, reliable, practical. Limited outlook and interests, prone to stubbornness. Element is Earth and ruled by Venus. Honest, but wont take advice. Colour is Turquoise

GEMINI – The Twins. Agile, versatile and adaptable. Easily bored, can’t concentrate for long. Element is Air and Ruled by Mercury. Friendly, but doesn’t pay attention. Colour is silver

CANCER – The Crab. Sensitive and protective, and homely. Easily hurt and moody, also clingy. Element is Water and ruled by the Moon. Imaginative, but jealous. Colour is White

LEO – The Lion. Extrovert, magnetic and born leaders. Impulsive, dramatic and opinionated. Element is Fire and Ruled by the Sun. Reliable, but outspoken. Colour is Gold. 

VIRGO – The Virgin. Perfectionists, efficient and methodical. Discriminative, hypochondriac and shy. Element is Earth and Ruled by Mercury. Generous, but also critical. Colour is Grey.

LIBRA – The Scales. Balanced, loyal and artistic. Indecisive, restless and afraid of the new. Element is Air and Ruled by Venus. At best patient, at worst hate arguing. Colour is turquoise

SCORPIO – The Scorpion. Passionate, Analytic, and intuitive. Hypersensitive and broody. Element is Water and Ruled by Pluto. Determined but over dramatic. Colour is Scarlet.

SAGITTARIUS – The Archer. Adventurous, generous and confident. Impatient, boastful and impulsive. Element is Fire and Ruled by Jupiter. Humorous, but untidy. Colour is Amethyst.

CAPRICORN – The Goat. Ambitious, hardworking and thrifty. Reserved, worry and can appear cold. Element is Earth and Ruled by Saturn. Efficient, but moody. Colour is black.

AQUARIUS – The Water Carrier. Humanistic, broad and progressive. Eccentric, impartial and outrageous. Element is Air and Ruled by Uranus. Sincere, but impatient. Colour is Electric blue.

PISCES – The Fishes. Romantic, intuitive and imaginative. Hypersensitive, dependent and dreamers. Element is Water and Ruled by Neptune. Compassionate, but delusional. Colour is Seagreen.

HOUSES:  First – Personality (Aries), Second – Money (Taurus). Third – Relationships (Gemini), Fourth – Home (Cancer), Fifth – Pleasure (Leo)

Sixth – Health (Virgo), Seventh – Marriage (Libra), Eighth - Mysteries (Scorpio),

Ninth – Travel (Sagittarius), Tenth – Business (Capricorn), Eleventh – Friends (Aquarius), Twelfth – Fantasies (Pisces)

MAGICAL OILS (Refer to Scott Cunningham’s ‘Magical Aromatherapy’)

Almond-Wakefulness, Prosperity.  Anise – Clairvoyance, Divination. 

Basil – Empathy, Harmony . Benzoin – Peace, purification

Bergamot – Protection, Prosperity Camphor – Psychism, Relationships

Cinnamon – Protection, Power Clove – Aphrodisiac, Memory

Coriander – Love, Romance Cypress – Blessing, Consecration

Eucalyptus – Healing, Recuperation Frankincense – Sacred, Anointing

Hyssop – Magic, Purification Jasmine – Love, Relaxation

Lavender – Healing, Purification Lemongrass – Psychism, Spirituality

Lilac – Far Memory, Reincarnation Lotus – Spirituality, Blessing

Mimosa – Healing, Prophecy Musk – Aphrodisiac, Magnetism

Myrrh – Purification, Protection Neroli – Love, Romance

Orange Blossom – Love, Marriage Patchouli – Sensuality, Magnetic

Peppemint – Relaxation, Change Rose – Love, Romance

Rose Geranium – Protection, Courage Rosemary – Healing, Mentality

Sandalwood – Protection, Anointing Sesame – Help, Faith
Tuberose – Aphrodisiac, Peace Vanilla – Vitalising, Energy

Violet – Love, Healing Ylang Ylang – Marriage, Relaxation

Top notes: Uplifting, stimulating, aroma lasts 24 hours. Middle

notes: Therapeutic, physiological. Aroma lasts couple of days. Base notes: Sedative, relaxing, aroma lasts about a week