Genesis Order of  Druids Portsmouth

Around March 20th we celebrate the Spring Equinox, Ostara or Alban Eiler , As  this moon only takes us to March 17th this is covered in the next Moon.

Celtic Tree Calendar
18th February - 17th March
is Ash tree Month. Ash people are quick witted, spontaneous and gregarious. They  have a lively curiosity and are intelligent, persuasive speakers,  enthusiastic, inquisitive and communicative. They love discussing new  ideas and projects. Ash people need to focus their mental abilities or  they can become nervous and irritable.

Druidic Animal
The Adder
symbolizes wisdom and spiritual energy.

Planetary Ruler

Ogham Word


A good month to do magic that focuses on the inner self. Associated with  ocean rituals, magical potency, prophetic dreams and spiritual journeys, the Ash can be used for making magical (and mundane) tools -- these are said to be more productive than tools made from other wood.  This is the time to prepare for Ostara.