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Genesis Order of Druids

Gone now are the cold hands of winter
Emerging now are the plants of spring
Nurture them and watch the frosty ground splinter
Even now listen and hear the birds sing
Summer is on its way
Imbolc is here
So lets dance and celebrate this day

Onwards we go, let's go get a beer
Rejoice in the beauty of albion
Dart inbetween the trees in your favourite wood
Explore the land and breathe in the air
Right now is the time to live and it feels good

Oak king firmly on his throne
Formulating a plan for his fight with the holly king

Difficult times in years past he has known
Rest now and learn the legend of the two kings
Under balor's great eye we stand
Imbolc is here so lets hear a cheer
Dance on up to the pub, hand to hand
Sing now and let's have a beer
Herne Bloodfalcon 29/01/2012

A song - Day of fire

I am returning,-------
though you would- not- know,
I am returning,
as the fields- they- sow,
their seeds for spring --------
I bring
My spirit to this place.

I am returning,
And my eyes-they-see
I am returning ,
And this was meant- to- be
The Sun is brighter now
As the flowers yearn;
I bring
My love to this place.

I am returning -------------
from the world I have occupied,
I am returning
I will meet you
and brush the cobwebs from your face -
Running, we will chase
through fields and woods with grace
Our shapes will shift
and our hearts beat faster;
the joy and the fear, as our muscles tighten
Nature is our master.

We slow and find, a place to entwine
your neck nuzzles mine
the Sun dappled on your antlers,
We welcome Beltane.
Tracie King


The daffodils wend their way,
the crocus attempt a bold display,
Relief; the earth begins again.
weakened Sun grows in strength
Days brighter and lighter in length.

Fayres beckon, outdoors we shine;
Bursting from our winter belly
friendships renewed; promises made..
I wish you well, for the Spring cavalcade.
Tracie King

Imbolc ... we wait.

She is cloaked in winter, her breath is chilled
Frost still settles upon her homeland
Lord of the sun, horned one of wild places
Breathing his love upon her skin.
Gently kissing away her discomfort.
Fraught with sweet frondescence,
calm before the storm of growth, her words yet to be spoken.
And so we wait in impetuous silence.
We wait with wanting, unseen eyes.
We wait for her to bring into existence, the essence of her immortal being. 
Brigid your beauty is in its waiting and not knowing,
The potential in our spirit stirs for new beginnings,
thus across the lands and beneath all skies,
we wait and we wait with an honoured trust
Celtic Ivy - January 2017

Onset of Spring

Dark veil Lifting,
Darkness and light in equilibrium.
Winters Gloom gives way to springs burst of colour
Flowers burst forth from the barren landscape
new buds on trees, new life awakens, birds nesting, flowers blooming
From the grey gloom of winters past comes the inspiration of new life Hail  the earth goddess, who in her fertile new beginnings brings us new hope  for the future.
Stormwatch - March 2009


Fertile maiden goddess,
bringing life throughout the land,
tress sprouting shoots of green,
flowers blooming, birds nesting,
new life abound across the land,

The ripening sun gives us renewed light and warms the earth with his maturing strength,
The May queen prances across the land, dancing a merry dance pursued by the mighty oak king at his fertile peak.
Birds sing out in celebration at their union,
natures chorus filling the air giving us hope for the future
Let us remember those that have gone before us,
Let us bring joy to those here now and let us bring inspiration to those that are to come.

Hail the maiden goddess who gives us natures beauty this Beltane and throughout the seasons to come.
Stormwatch - April 2009

Goddess Of All Things Wild

I Give greetings to Goddess Of All Things Wild,
Of skies and of waters. I do call upon you,
Lovely lady be with me.

Blessed by the words of the Lady of May
and by the laughing lord of the Greenwood
Let now thy great light come into us
I am a cup to be filled
that I may do what is needful
Blessed ever be the Lord and Lady

Sonnet 18

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
William Shakespeare

Waiting for Imbolc

Jack frost has lain his winter carpet over the land.
The trees skeleton like limbs silhouetted against the cold leaden sky.
I see a glint of colour in the holly tree.
As robin red breast calls to say hello and blue tits flutter by.
Offering brightly coloured inspiration for new life that is to come.
First green shoots trying to push through the frosted hard earth.
Dormant plants showing the first buds of new life.
Waiting for the young sun god to mature.
Waiting for the land to be bathed in the warmth of regeneration,
Waiting for Imbolcs maiden goddess.
Stormwatch - January 2009


Swathed in black I turn my back on all that I once knew.
I walk away - I'm gone to stay, I greet the sun anew.

I know well the spell; that words can weave over somebody's mind but know ye this you little imp, you will not conquer mine.

I sit alone away from home under the trees so bare.
You try to cast your spell on me and I wonder how you'll fare.

I know that you can't make me stray from the path that's true but still your words do plague my brain with frustration all anew.

I do not know what your intent upon me is to be.
I hope one day to know how things between us they shall be.

But forget not this you pesky thing you shall not capture me for I am a soul upon my own and will always be free.
Xowie Brandt

The Greenman

Many names has He Dyonisis, Pan and Osiris being just a few,
But There is a name that echoes in my heart
That being Green Man
My father, Nature
But all people see of Him is a stony mask slightly macabre
They never visit Him in his home.
In the wilds of nature
There to find Him
All leafy green
A vibrant figure
Playful, Mischevious,
The father of all the green things
that grow at his behest.
So leave the cathedrals lofty heights
you will not find him there
return to the wild wood
For if you are very quiet as you go
you may catch a glimpse of my father
The Green man.
Pangurban 2006


Welcome Oh Ostara
Goddess of balance between night and day
But also between male and female, inner and outer
Balance is precarious for us
So please help us to keep it intact.
Welcome Oh Ostara
Your fertile promises are dear to our hearts
As the days are getting warmer
And the Earth shows evidence of your work.
Avid keeper of moon cycles
Soft and warm like the hare that you are
Arrayed in many bright colours
Full of promise and new life
Like an egg waiting to hatch!
So let us welcome you Oh Ostara
Ladden with spring flowers
And holding 3 symbolic branches from the tree mothers
1 of Birch for new starts and rebirth
1 of Ash for cosmic understanding
And 1 of Alder source of magical wisom.
We present these to you in your honour
With our hearts full of joy and hope for the future.
Ivy Moon

Two sparks

A robin flits amongst the snowdrops, 
two sparks of life in a sleeping Earth.
So oft we wish for summer,
but there is beauty in every season.
Every knoll, bud and stem has a light,
shining throughout the wheel.

Spring shows the promise of new life,
bursting forth from the crisp, clean Earth.
A wintery blanket is gently lifted,
gifting the delicate flowers to the Sun.
Awakening energy is felt by all,
as the wheel turns anew.
Morwen - Feb 2013

May Bloom (A poem for Beltane)

Nude form baths in the May morning dew
Grant me fair form for all the year through
Bless me with kisses from the hawthorn bloom
Shape me from petal of oak, meadowsweet and broom

Oh fair feathered Eagle, my forest king
Lay the spring maiden down and let your love sing
And upon her sweet breath life does spring
Before cruelly she betrays you and off you take wing

Weep not in the boughs of the strong oak tree
Harken the call of brave Gwydions plea
Shes cursed by his hand never to be free
A ghost winged owl forever is she

Like ivy upon oak this story is woven
By bard’s inspiration the story is spoken
The magic of this day never to be broken
And by the heat of Beltane’s flames its re awoken.
Ivy Wolf - April 2011

To Summer

Sun shining brightly
Birds hopping sprightly
Singing their happy song
The green land blossoms
In the heat of the summer sun
Tall trees majestic in their leafy splendor
Looking down over their lordly realm
As the holly king returns to take his crown
People in green parks are turning brown
Omnipotent sun giving energy all over the land
Strolling minstrels, a bardic band.
Children laughing on the beach in watery fun.
Hail to the sun as we celebrate and enjoy.
Stormwatch - May 2009

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