Genesis Order of  Druids Portsmouth
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Any new members are welcome, whatever pagan path you may follow.Pagan Handfasting, Passing Over and Baby naming rituals by arrangement. Please send any enquiries to or click the Contact Us button.


Stormwatch (Steve)
Founder and Archdruid of the Order.

Ordained as a Priest in the FOI and the Iseum of Cerridwen, member of The Druid Network, The Order Of The Yew, and The British Druid Order. Campaigner for @Woodland Trust. and local Tree Warden, Tea drinking Druid, Prog-Rocker, Connoisseur of fine Mead and Ale.

Raven Ivy/Lanabird

Raven Ivy (Alana/Lanabird) Swordbearer.
Bird geek and all round Viking Shieldmaiden, Volunteers at the Chichester Peregrines project for the RSPB.

Ivy Moon

Rev Ivy Moon (Evelyne)
Priestess Elder.

Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis and an Ardbandraoi in the Druid Clan of Dana, avid music festival goer (Prog-rock mostly), tequila drinking witch, French cheese, wines, mead and ale connoisseur, and frog lover (not necessarily together)


Bardic Elder.

Bard of the Genesis Order, Priest. Ex Archdruid and Presiding Head Druid(with Dylan Ap Thuin) and founding member of the Insular Order of Druids. Soprano saxophonist, plays in several bands and a venerable body piercer.

Ivy Hare

Dragonmaster (John)
New Gatekeeper/guardian in training. Animal lover with 6 cats. John is  eager to learn and has three law degrees amongest others.


Kira (Natasha)
Quarter Caller East.
Loves to read and sing with a keen interest in vikings and mead and is just starting on my pagan journey.


Quarter Caller West.
Druid in the Genesis Order Of Druids, Caller of the West. BIG hairy pagan biker. Class clown and mead-Meister.

Silver Ivy

Silver Ivy (Cathy)
Realm Of Sea.
I am a crone witch with druidry within me. I have a druid husband and a cat and dog. I love crafting using nature as my model as well as a writer of the ancient ones. I love helping others find and explore their own paths and through this I develop my own path way.

Morwen (Mel)
Co-Founder and Archdruidess.

Vegan, conservationist and a goth!
Originally from Gosport, now Bristol based, Morwen can be found feeding badgers, making natural beauty products and acting on shows like Dr Who!
Proud to be a founding member of the Order.

Archdruidess Morwen

Oak Eagle (Bartholomew)
Non-professional pint-size Hagrid, resident scientist impersonator. When not bellowing a speech he can be reviewing a game, sipping wine or brewing his own.

Oak Eagle

Ivy Hare (Laura/Blackavar)
Usually spotted close to Dragons, Ravens and Mead. Author, Artist, Dancer, Goth, Geek, Bookworm, Hopeless daydreamer and Professional bunny rabbit.

Ivy Hare

Dragon Ivy (Hannah)
A young dragonet with a thirst for knowledge. Feels most connection to the Hawthorn tree. Eager to learn all I can and serve the Genesis Order.

Dragon Ivy

Celtic Ivy (Kayla)
Quarter Caller North.
Writer of poetry, obsessive wood collector and tree hugger who has a passion for ancient Celtic warfare. She has a penchant for running around in Iron Age dresses and being an avid Archery enthusiast she is also pretty damn good with a bow and arrow.

Celtic Ivy

Spider Oak (Alan)
Quarter Caller South.
Steampunk enthusiast, Mad on aircraft, Books, Model making, Music and spiders. Has an eclectic music taste, Metal and Folk in equal measure. Born in West London, been in Bognor Regis 20 years. Married for 22 years to Marie. Ex Merchant Seaman and Bus Driver. Now retired.

Ivy Rose

Forest Oak (Richard)
Realm Of Earth.
Slightly unhinged but stable polytheist, Lover of the Earth and nature. Follower of the Druid path and the Goddess, Was once solitary but now with the Genesis Order which is where my heart and spirit lives.

Forest Oak

Ivy Fox (Sammie)
Realm Of Sky.
I'm an animal lover have a few pets Inc hedgehogs and mice I enjoy travel and reading I am new to my journey but have already learnt so much about myself and I'm excited to find out much more.

Ivy Fox