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Queen Mab Healing Meditation
By Morgraine

First you need to ascend to the Land of Magic for this, so follow the instructions from the ‘Queen Mab and the Land of Magic’ meditation to enter therein. Now, Queen Mab greets you. You explain to her that you are unwell and tell her what is wrong. She however knows the problem and how to help. 

She beckons you to a crystal alcove and gestures for you to enter. You do so, and a door shuts sealing you in.  What happens now is that the crystals will try to heal you. You may see many colours and further enter into an altered state of consciousness whilst the crystals do their work. When the healing is over, the door unseals and you emerge abit woozy, however Queen Mab tells you to sit to regain your composure.

If you feel better, then you may return back to your own time and place. However, if further healing is required, (and Queen Mab will deem this to be), then you may need the following.

It is the crystal cave, and here Mab asks you to lie on the slab of stone in the middle of it. A sonic sounds and you see many hues of crystal rainbow colour here, filling your being with energy and imbibing your chakras with light.  Lie here as long as you wish, for this is a true healing experience.

There is also another room, however, it will depend on whether Mab wishes you to see it. She takes you to a room abit like a cave where there is a hole in the ceiling. Peering through, you can see the stars and moon shining in the night sky. 

There is a dais here and Mab gestures for you to step onto it. A shooting star strikes in the night sky, and a ray of blue light shines from the moon down into the room through the ceiling to where you are standing on the dais.  It rejuvenates you and you feel vibrantly alive and full of energy. 


Queen Mab and the Land of Magic Meditation
By Morgraine

This is a personal meditation that was personally given to me by Queen Mab Herself.  I now pass it onto you in turn with Her Blessings

Prepare yourself for meditation as you would normally, Light incense, candles, cast a circle, and invoke the four quarters.  Play some Celtic music and make sure you have plenty of crystals around you

Now sit on a chair or lie on a bed, and close your eyes. Visualise that it is night (if this presents some difficulty for you, you may opt for daylight). You are standing outside of a barrow or chambered cairn (I personally think of Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey for this) and a light shines from within. Now, you feel a call to enter, which you do.

The place is full of light and you find yourself standing in a crystal stone circle in the Land of Magic. There to greet you is Queen Mab herself, She is a strikingly beautiful woman, with long black and blue hair piled high, she has chiselled features and wears a long robe (this may vary, Queen Mab has greeted me wearing black, lilac, white, and seagreen up to now).

What happens now is chiefly between Mab and yourself, however she may wish to teach you in the ways of the Land of Magic. Be open to what happens. You may also meet some of the Fey here (i.e. elves, gnomes, fairies). However, be aware that they can be tricksters, though not malevolent, so be on your guard,

When it is time to return, Mab gestures you to enter the crystal stone circle, and you find yourself once more standing in front of the cairn or barrow. Now return to your own time and place. When fully grounded, drink a glass of water and do not go out into traffic for at least half an hour,

Once the way is known to the crystal land, the way can always be found again, However, the way you ascend may vary in future encounters, I have found myself ‘orbing’ there like Paige does from Charmed, or using the ring transportation device from Stargate!


NB – some people have experienced coming up against the fey blocking their way at the entrance of the barrow, if this happens, they are challenging you. The best way round this is, to get them back at their own game and bluff them. 

HhHh HHeh


By Sarah Rooke (Morgraine), Archdruidess

Bajoran Orb Vision Quest

This is a meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

Do your usual protections and burn incense. Visualise that you are visiting the Sacred Monastery on Bajor, looking for peace and guidance, One of the robed ones of the temple, a vedek, comes to you in the gardens. And says gently, 'It is time', he takes you by the hand to the Holy of Holies

There is a recess in the wall, which has a strange looking box in it. They open it and there before you, all shimmering and pulsating with crystalline light, is the orb of prophecy. Before you can speak, the Vedek has left you in privacy and you stand there. The orb is believed to be one of 9 such gifts from the prophets in the celestial temple to the Bajoran people

What happens next is between you, the orb and the prophets, but you may find a flash of light transports you to a surreal environment, where people you know speak the words of the prophets. Here, what you seek on your vision quest will be revealed for your understanding

When the orb has finished its task, another flash of light transports you back into the holy of holies. The vedek comes in and closes the box. Reflect and remember what has transpired, for you have much to meditate on.

Now come back to your own time and place

Sekhmet’s Ordeal of Fire

From the Berengaria Book of Lights and Shadows comes this powerful meditation. As a priestess of Sekhmet, i feel i must share this with you. Sekhmet is the ancient Egyptian Lion headed Goddess of War and Healing (there's a paradox if you think about it), and represents the fierce heat of the sun. It is said that she is frightening, but to me She is a beloved teacher and protectress. I first received this in meditation when I was going through a rough patch, and it freed me

This varies from individual to individual, so do your usual protections and burn some strong incense (i.e. sandalwood, frankincense or myrrh, or if you have it, kyphi. Egyptian musk is also a good substitute). Lay down on the bed for this one, and visualise the Goddess Sekhmet. Be aware of her aura is like a golden mane that carries the intense light and heat of the sun. Feel yourself rise, and you find yourself walking up an avenue of sphinxes of an Egyptian temple.

You come to a pylon and it says: 'I have come from the House of the Leonine one; I left there for the House of Isis. I saw Her hidden mysteries in that She let me see the birth of the Great God. ‘Passing through this, you find yourself walking in an open courtyard that soon gives way to the Hypostyle Hall of huge lotus columns. You are clothed in simple white Egyptian robes, as you come to the Holy of Holies, and the scent of kyphi is in the air.

You notice an assortment of cats, both domestic and wild about you. As you now enter the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple, you come to a door that has two stone statues of Sekhmet either side. The sound of the gong heralds that you may enter within, and the intense heat and light may disorient you, but do not fear. Go forth and enter the House of the Leonine One, and may She bless your endeavours!

The Goddess sits on the throne holding a lotus wand of Power, flanked by two lionesses either side. On her brow, She wears the Suns disk with the Uraeus. You are aware that you are being watched by the eyes of cats like tigers, and lynxes here. The Goddess addresses you and what happens now is between you and Her.

You may find, that a section of the floor has disappeared and you are standing in a pillar of light, the Ordeal of fire. And if you are willing, this can transform your life for good if you are ready for it. Sekhmet will know how much of her ray you can take. When the ordeal is over, you find yourself standing before her with the uraeus on your brow and holding the lotus wand. Be bathed in the healing of the light and heat of the Goddess and feel protected.

Giving thanks to the Goddess, you notice that your robes are now golden -for you have passed the test and are ready to walk with Sekhmet on Her path. Now come back to your own time and place, and ground yourself fully. You may wish to have a glass of water

'Hail to thee, oh Sekhmet Bast Ra
Mistress of the Gods, Bearer of Wings
Lady of the Red and Green apparel
Lady of the Dance and the Flame
Thou who art the mighty one
In the Boat of Millions of Years
Thou art the Great Lioness
Avenger of the Gods
Queen of the Sovereign Powers
The Guardian of this Temple
Superior to whom the Gods cannot be!
Lady of beginning of Time
Thou art pre-eminent, and riseth in the seat of silence
And art mistress of the tomb
We honour thee! The lion goddess, the strong, the mighty!
Save us from terror, save us from the burning heat of the desert sun
Save us from the darkness of our own fears
On thy brow, thou bearest Uatchat Buto,
who giveth the snakebite of ecstasy
Thou art like unto Hathor, the Goddess of love
And your sister, the cat goddess Bast
Lady of Amentet, Lady of Manu
Great lady, beloved of your husband the god Ptah
And your son, the God Nefertum
Thou art the destroyer of evil
The Holy sphinx of the galaxy
Holy one, powerful one,
Bless all who dwell in thy realm of departed souls
Give us strength, power and love
Praise and homage to thee, oh Sekhmet Bast Ra'

(From the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Vulcan Refusion

This is another meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

Do your usual protections and burn incense. You are on Vulcan, dressed in white robes with a twin crystal headdress on your brow and an amulet or pectoral around your neck

You are here to experience the Refusion, where you reunite your katra with yourself. You find yourself on the footsteps of Mount Seleya, and are climbing its summit to meet with the High Priestess

She is a stately lady of old age, dressed in white and orange robes. The Halls of Ancient Thought are nearby, and you gaze at the desert below

On top of the mountain there is a temple, the Priestess asks you who you are, and you answer her. She guides you to lay down on a slab of stone, and you do so. She places her hand upon your brow and then you see opposite you, another slab of stone that has another part of you lying there. You notice that the Priestess's other hand is on the brow of this other part of you.

But now you feel sleepy, and you close your eyes, as the priestess also closes her eyes. You fall into an altered state of consciousness, tinged with logic. You have entered into a trance like state and you find yourself being healed, in fact all parts of you are being healed. The process takes a long time, but you do not notice the time pass.

When you awake, both parts of you are whole and one, you are complete again. You remember who you are and what you are, there is no more separation. You have found yourself

Now, come back to your own time and place

Klingon Day of Honour

This is a meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

First do your usual protections and burn incense and light a candle, visualise that you are on the Klingon homeworld to celebrate the Day of Honour, when you remember your ancestors. The temple that you travel to is full of incense and candles. You are dressed as a Klingon warrior and sit before a hearth fire. You chant to Kahless for a vision of those who have gone before you

As you meditate holding your bat'leth in your hands, you see great warriors come before you and greet you. They offer you some blood wine and you pour a small libation to them on the hearth fire, singing the sounds of a good Klingon opera in turn. Then they offer you the chance of battle

The room sways and you find yourself in a chamber with your ancestors, all yielding bat'leths, and ready for a fight. They wish to honour you as a fellow warrior and you find yourself taking them on, one by one, and having a good time at it. Then, it all stops

Your ancestors gather around you and being drunken on blood wine, each give you a hug and sing their rousing songs of battle. You feel energised and confident at whatever life throws at you next. Happy at the experience and full of honour, you return to the temple and see the flame of the hearth fire. You feel warmed and supported. You are now ready to return to everyday life to whatever of life’s battles you'll face. Qap'la!

Tok’Ra Meditation

This is a meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

Do your usual protections and burn incense. As you enter into meditation, you find yourself standing ready to go through the Stargate to visit the Tok'Ra. You are guided through by SG 1- Col O'Neill, Major Carter, Teal'C and Dr Jackson. You experience the time-space continuum as you pass via the wormhole to your destination, and find yourself surrounded by people, Suddenly there is a bright flash and you are ringed into the Tok'Ra Council Chamber.

You look round you, everywhere there are blue crystal tunnels. You meet the Tok'Ra leaders, Anise, Jacob, Garshaw and Martouf, and they ask you if you wish to be joined with a symbiont (do not fear, this is not physical!). The Tok'Ra do not take hosts forcibly like the Goa'uld, rather here both the symbiont and host co-exist in harmony, with the host gaining long life and all of their symbionts knowledge and wisdom

Take your time to consider the Tok'Ra's request, you do not have to be joined to one if it is not for you. Instead get to know the Tok'Ra. If you do decide it is for you, the Tok'Ra will guide you to a dying host. Get to know this person, ask the symbionts name. When the symbiont will speak, their eyes will light up and their voice will be pronounced. Now, lie down next to the dying host, and kiss them. The Tok'Ra symbiont will pass directly from them into you. Now sleep for awhile to let the union take place. (This is spiritual). When you awake, you feel strong and full of much wisdom. Instead of being one person, you are now two.

If you have any questions, ask Jacob, Garshaw, Anise or Martouf. They will help you.

Farscape Meditation

This is a meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

First do your usual protections and burn incense, have a variety of crystals around you and hold one. You enter into meditation, visualise that you are on the Leviathan Moya, on the other side of the galaxy. This ship is a living entity full of strange alien beings

There is D'Argo - a Luxon Warrior, Rygel - an Hynerian Dominar, Chiana -a Nebari Rebel, John Crichton - a human astronaut brought here by a wormhole, created by his spacecraft, Aeryn - a former Peacekeeper and there is Zhaan, a Delvian priestess. Have a look around, you hear the breathing and pulse of Moya. You go down a corridor and find Zhaan seated in quiet meditation in her room. She is blue skinned and wearing her long robes. She holds a clear crystal and is chanting to the Goddess.

She invites you to join her, and passes you a crystal to meditate with. Zhaan has a gentle spirit and she also blesses you. You feel the rhythm of the cosmos and a heightened sense of awareness, for this is how Delvians work to achieve enlightenment. As you meditate, feel a sense of oneness of all things and beings. You feel healed and at peace. When you have finished, let Zhaan guide you back to your own time and place.

Chakotay’s Animal Guide

From the Berengaria Orders Book of Lights and Shadows, comes this nice meditation to meet your guide. It is actually from a Voyager episode called 'The Cloud’, where Chakotay gets Captain Janeway to meet her animal guide, North American Indian style.

First do your usual protective invocations, burn some incense. Seat yourself with your eyes closed. Hold a stone or crystal as you do so. Say, 'A koo chee moya, we are far from the sacred places of our ancestors, we are far from their bones. If there is a guide for me, then let them embrace me in peace and love'. Think of a place that you know well, like a beach or a park. Visualise that you are standing here and take in your surroundings. Be aware of the nature of the first being that you see, whether they be reptile, bird, mammal, fish, insect or whatever

Ask them their name and if you like, any questions that you may have at this time. Perhaps they can advise you if appropriate. Now give them your thanks and love, and bid then farewell. Come back to your own time and place, and close down fully

Morgan and Merlin of Glastonbury Tor

Here is another meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows:

We all know Morgan le Fey, Faery Queen and Enchantress, and Merlin, Arch Mage and Magician of the Arthurian Mysteries. Whenever I have a question to ask of a Celtic nature, I usually go and see them in the astral realm of the Isle of Avalon at Glastonbury.

Now, there are legends concerning Morgan/Morgana as a rather nasty piece of work. However from my own workings with Her, I find that she is more like a British version of the Morrigan than anything else, and is related to Queen Mab, the queen of the Fairies.

First, do your usual protections (cast a circle, call the quarters, burn some incense), then sitting on a chair or lying down on a bed, visualise that you are journeying to the astral realm of Avalon. See the Tor and start to climb it (you can cheat if you want here, by visualising that you are standing outside the actual Tor itself).

Now survey your surroundings and take in the Glastonbury Zodiac. Enter the Medieval tower. Standing in the centre of the structure, to the right you see an entrance that forms and a spiral staircase that leads down into the Realm of Faery. Go down and you come to a door. There is a symbol on this door of a red dragon and it opens for you. You enter within and see two people playing a game of Chess at a table.

Here is Morgan, dressed in indigo blue and Merlin, dressed in purple. They turn their attention to you. Morgan asks, 'Who are you?', whilst Merlin asks, 'What do you want?’ Take time to reflect on and answer these questions that may appear simplistic. In the centre of the table there is a blue glass bowl with water from nearby Chalice Well.

Morgan takes a goblet and fills it for you to drink from. She says, 'May you drink from the Grael and achieve it in reality'. Then Merlin hands you a figure from the chess set, and you notice with interest that it is one from the Arthurian mysteries. He says. 'From the Round Table, may they assist you on your Quest'.

You thank both of them, then realise that it is time for you to return back to your own time and place. Go up the staircase and out to the top of the Tor. Everything then gets shrouded in mist and you find yourself back in your own body. Then have a glass of water and come back fully.

Atlantean Temple

Here is another meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

There are many legends concerning the lost continent of Atlantis, in this meditation we shall journey to the Temple of Oralin, the Temple of Healing in Atlantis. Here is the residence of the High Priestess Alorah and of H.A (Helios Arcanophus, a title meaning High Priest)

Atlantean temples were unique in that they were circular, as they practised a form of geomancy or feng shui, to generate the Earths energies in harmony with everything and everyone. The temple of Oralin stood on the coast of Atlantis, outside the capital of Chalidocean (meaning city of the Golden Gates), and its theme was healing and rebalancing. On the roof of the temple stood a massive quartz cathedral crystal, which was very powerful and was to play its part in the sinking of this island continent. Now lets journey there astrally

First do your usual protections and sit on a chair or lie on a bed. Hear the sound of seven chimes that take you in outer time to the astral temple of Oralin. Notice the circular shape and huge crystal on the roof. Now enter within, and there by the ever burning flame on the dais, are the figures of H.A and Alorah wearing the characteristic white blue robes of the Atlantean priesthood, with their insignia headbands.

Alorah hands you a crystal on a cord as a gift, you notice that it has strange bands in it, and you place it about your neck, feeling a tingly energy. Now H.A presents you with a golden cord, that he knots for you once, and you tie it around your waist. These both had special significances during Atlantean times

You are aware that night is falling and throughout the windows of the circular temple, you can see the stars showing. Notice the patterns of these, for the constellations were different in Atlantean times due to the axis of the planet. Alorah and HA then invite you to look into the ever burning flame, to see any visions to take with you. Alorah takes some twigs of juniper and crosses them with an incantation, she then throws the berries on the fire. Now look and see what you need to know at this time.

H.A then tells you it is time to leave, and he escorts you to the entrance, and you can see the great crystal shimmering with iridescent light. Then everything gets misty, and you find yourself returning back to your own time and place. Have a glass of water and ground yourself fully.

Dolmen Gateway

This is another meditation taken from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows

Stone circles have always fascinated humanity since ancient times, even though there are various theories around today, as to who built them or for what purpose. We can however, make assumptions about our own feelings and thoughts on the subject. We do know that the Druids may not have built places like Stonehenge or Avebury, and they may have been constructed instead by earlier Neolithic or Bronze Age races like the Beaker people. Whatever, the Stones have held us in mystery and intrigue. Let us astrally journey now to a stone circle

First do your usual protections and lie down on the bed or sit in a chair. Then visualise that you are standing in the centre of a stone circle that you know. It is night time and the moon and stars are shining brightly. The stones seem to emit a strange silvery etheric glow. As you stand, there is a spiral that forms from the heavens - these are the moon and stars energies weaving in magical unison. You feel all tingly and energised, and sense that your consciousness is starting to expand.

Looking at the stones, you notice a Gateway has formed between them, and suddenly to your surprise you see that the Sun is shining its rays through them. You feel beckoned to enter within and into the other side to enter the Land of Hearts Desire. As you do so, you come into what can be described as a Celtic Hall, where you are greeted by the sound of the harp and much merriment. Some couples are dancing on the floor, and you see a long table laden with food and drink

A woman offers you a goblet of mead to drink from, and you accept this with gratitude, tasting the sweetness. Then a man offers you a plate of bread to partake from, and you take this gladly, tasting the sustenance. You feel welcomed and are then greeted by the Lord and Lady dressed in green and gold, for this is the God and Goddess of the Land, who are known by many names. They speak to you and you respond in turn.

They invite you to join them and their clan in their celebration of life. Seating yourself at the table, you see some Sidhe or Fairy folk like the Ondines, Gnomes, Salamanders, Sylphs, as well as nature spirits like dryads, nymphs, elves, pixies and leprechauns. Converse with them and listen to what they have to say, for they have much to tell.

Then the Lord and Lady ask you to join them in the dance in a circle with all present to the sound of the harp. As you dance with them, be aware of how all the energies are weaving in rainbow colours and rays of light. Then you are advised by the Lord and Lady that it is time to leave, you have enjoyed yourself here and you do not wish to go. But the Lord and Lady assure you that once the way is found here, you can always return.

Then the Gateway forms again and you take your leave of the company, finding yourself standing in the centre of the stone circle once more. Then come back to your own time and place, and ground yourself fully.

Mount Olympus

Another meditation from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows:

I love the Greek mysteries; sadly they are often overlooked in favour of the Celtic and Egyptian. The Greek mysteries are of the Heroic Path and are rational. Greek mythology provides us with a wealth of legends concerning the Classical Gods of Mount Olympus. There are also many psychological facets to this Path. (Indeed, Hollywood has be fascinated by them, note the many TV/films around on the subject)

The twelve Olympians or the Dodecatheon were: Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, Hestia, Hera, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Demeter. Each carries certain extrovert/introvert as well as anima/animus traits

First, light some incense, do your usual protections. Sit on a chair or lie down on a bed. Visualise that you are on Mount Olympus with the Gods of Ancient Greece. For we are all Gods in the making, Remember how Dionysus was a mortal with all his faults, before he underwent tests and trials to prove his worth and be accepted as one of the Gods. Also consider Hercules, with his 12 labours

You are dressed in white Greek robes as the Gods are, and you see many of them gather round a pool in the centre. You are curious and look to, and see that they are monitoring events on Earth with interest. Then they notice that you have joined them and they greet you with a family's welcome, for you are much a part of them, as they are of you.

One of the Gods then speaks to you and offers you a gift. Take note of which God/Goddess this is, for this is your Tutelary Deity in the Greek tradition who watches over you and guides you. They also provide a key to yourself on your spiritual journey. The gift is also personal to you and will aid you in future quests, so mark and use it wisely.

Hebe and Ganymede, the Divine Cup Bearers, then offer you some ambrosia and nectar to partake of from golden vessels. You do so, and feel sustained by the food and drink of the Gods. You may then stay awhile and ask any questions that you may have

When you feel it is time to leave, the place becomes shrouded in mist and the Gods begin to fade. Then you are back in your own time and place.

Star Chamber of Isis

From the Berengaria Book of Lights and Shadows, comes this meditation

It is believed by many that Isis, Osiris, Horus and other Egyptian gods were visitors from the Star System of Sirius long ago in Earth's history, or perhaps they were Atlantean colonists who had escaped the Flood. In my own astral travels, I have been shown a way to the Star Chamber of the Goddess Isis, which I now share with you.

However, this meditation is not for the beginner, alittle experience in things magical and mystical is required here. First, burn some incense and cast a circle and call the four quarters. Lie down on a bed or sit comfortably in a chair.

Visualise that the ceiling has become transparent and you can see the night sky, full of stars. Focus your gaze on the blue white star of Sirius A, and feel yourself being called. You should feel that you are starting to rise, and depending how adept you are, should find yourself looking down at the Earth and moon in space. Now, we are going to take a slingshot around the Sun (like as in Star Trek VI: The Voyage Home), though don’t get too close! You should feel yourself propelled past the inner and outer planets of our solar system at warp speed.

Now focus on the blue white star of Sirius A. Immediately, you should see the Stargate of Sirius open for you, like a blue white starry wormhole (I have no terms of reference for this, but it is quite beautiful.) Now allow yourself to enter within, do not be afraid, it will not harm you. It will take you direct to the astral realms of Sirius and the Star Chamber of Isis in outer time in seconds.

When you arrive, you will find yourself in a crystalline like chamber, like a cathedral. There to greet you will be the Council of Sirius. How they appear to you, will depend on your own level of development (I see them as starry beings). Here, you may ask them any questions that you have though the Council cannot interfere with events on Earth. When you wish to return back to your own time and place, then think of the planet Earth and your home. The Stargate will then open for you to come back. Then ground yourself fully, have a glass of water and do not go out into traffic for at least half an hour.

Holodeck Meditation

From the Berengaria Book of Lights and Shadows, comes this little fun meditation.

Put all your usual protections in place. Visualise that you are a Starfleet Officer serving on either the ST:TNG USS Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, or USS Voyager. (Remember, there are 3 different sorts of officer, ones that wear red are command, ones that wear blue are medical/science, and ones that wear yellow are security/engineering, which one are you? What rank you are, i.e. Ensign, Lt, Lt Cdr, Cdr or Captain, is your choice!)

You are going for alittle R&R (rest and relaxation) in the holodeck (on DS9 it’s the holosuites). So you walk along the corridors and come to the door, and say 'Computer initiate program.... ‘(insert name of the program you wish to run). You are wearing clothes appropriate for the program that will be taking place. The door opens, now step inside

This can be anything you want, you can be in Dixon Hill, one of the Three Musketeers, a forest, a beach, a French bar, the Battle of Britain, the Crusades, Camelot, a Klingon workout, Captain Proton (see episodes of Voyager!), a 1960's spy novel, a Las Vegas nightclub, the footsteps of mount Seleya on Vulcan, a park on Betazed, a monastery on Bajor. Use your imagination.

Nothing can harm you here, for the safety's are always on, Anytime you want to stop and restart, say, 'Computer freeze program'. When you want to finish, say, 'Computer end program'. Then the program will just end. The doors open and you walk out, come back to your own time and place, and close down as usual.

Buffy/Angel Meditation

From the Berengaria Order of Book of Lights and Shadows, this involves abit of role playing. One for all you budding slayers

Slip into meditation with all your usual protections in place. Visualise that you are living in a town called Sunnydale. in California, America. If you are female, you may wish to visualise that you are a young girl called Buffy, the Vampire Slayer or her friend Willow, the Witch. If you are male, you may wish to visualise that you are Buffy's Watcher Giles or her friend Alexander. Together you fight evil in true slayer style, defeating such entities as the Master, Spike and Drusilla, The Mayor, or Glory etc

You can also transfer the setting to Los Angeles if you wish, and if you are male, visualise that you are Angel, the vampire with the soul, or Wesley, the ex Watcher. If you’re female, visualise that you are Cordelia, the lady with the vision, or Fred, who came back from Pylea, the demon dimension. Together you fight evil foes such as Wolfram and Hart, Darla, Holst, the Beast and Jasmine.

When you have finished the role play, come fully back into your own time and place. Seal your aura and close your protections down,  IMPORTANT: This is a role play where you can hone your warrior skills in a safe environment, and should be treated as such.

If you encounter a vampire in a psychic sense in reality, cast a circle and call the four quarters and burn sandalwood, frankincense or myrrh. Do not attack a vampire unless it is attacking you. Close all psychic activity down until the danger has passed. Keep the lights on and wear a cross. Tell it that it has no power over you and hopefully, it should get the message and leave. (I am speaking from experience here)

Seven of Nine Meditation

I use this meditation if I have not had much rest and only have a short time to do so, like if I not slept well during the night and will need to get up shortly. You do not need to cast a circle and invoke the four quarters for this if you are too tired, but you may wish to ask your guides for protection whilst you are under. The idea of this is to benefit from the regeneration, so it one of rest rather than gaining knowledge or insight

Visualise you are standing in the cargo bay of Voyager, you are facing the Borg alcove where Seven of Nine regenerates. She appears to you, and you ask her if you can use her alcove to experience its regenerative abilities. Seven agrees and leads you onto the dais and into the alcove where you stand amongst the Borg technology. She says, 'Computer initiate regeneration cycle', you then hear the sound of the machinery whirring away, as you fall into a state of regeneration.

How long you remain in this state is up to you, it may be you needed a lie down after a stressful day and you require awhile to recharge your batteries, so to speak. When the time comes for the regeneration to end, the computer will say, 'Regeneration cycle complete', the machinery stops and you open your eyes, feeling fully recharged and ready to tackle whatever happens next

Come back fully into your body and get up and have a stretch. Have a cup of tea

Tardis Meditation

I know some of you are Dr Who fans, from the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows, comes this meditation

Cast a circle and call the quarters as you normally would. anoint your brow with water saying, 'May I receive true vision'

Settle into meditation playing really spacey music. Visualise you are standing in front of the tardis and with you, is your guide, the doctor (any incarnation of the doctor will be okay here, depends on your favourite era). He beckons you to enter and you step inside

There is a dais in the middle of the room and he asks you what time you would like to explore. You tell him (you can be really creative here, say, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Aztecs, Tudor times) and as the doctor punches in some co-ordinates into the tardis control panel. The cylinder in the middle of the dais starts to move up and down, making a poly harmonic sound as the tardis disappears

You are moving throughout time and space into other dimensions, and after a few moments the movement starts to slow down, you are landing back in time. The tardis stops and you can see where you are on the viewscreen. There is a wardrobe in the tardis and you choose an outfit in accordance with the time you find yourself in. The doctor opens the door, and you go outside and explore what is there

When it is time to return, the doctor will beckon you back into the tardis and will punch in the co-ordinates for you to come back into your own time and place. You step out of the tardis, and find yourself slowly returning.

Drink a glass of water and do not go out into traffic for at least half an hour. Write up any unusual insights or experiences

This can also be used to explore the future, but should be used with caution. Remember the future is not fixed, and can be changed. Also be careful of not altering the past in any way whilst time travelling, as you could change the present

Stargate Meditation

From the Berengaria Order of Druids Book of Lights and Shadows, here is the Stargate Meditation

Put up your protections, cast a circle and call the four quarters as normal. Anoint your brow with water, saying 'May I receive true vision'

Visualise you are at a stone circle like Avebury or Stonehenge, whether it be day or night, matters not here

See with your inner eye of vision, the stargate that lies buried beneath the stones (this is a big circular wheel with several symbols on it, yes, its exactly like as in the TV series Stargate SG 1)

Now, visualise it being lifted up, as it would have been several thousand years ago. You see a DHD nearby (Dial Home Device), which is a raised sort of dais with corresponding symbols to the Gate.

Now as your guides, you are greeted by Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'C. They punch in 7 symbol co-ordinates to a place you would like to visit, say. Sirius, Alebaran, Rigel. This makes the symbols on the Gate turn around 7 times, then one of your guides presses the big central red button

There is a 'kawoosh' sound, as the stargate opens like a big circle of water, they beckon you to come through with them to explore this place. You then step through the wormhole to visit other planets....

When you want to return, then ask your guides. They will punch in a 7 symbol address to come back home. When you have returned to your stone circle, then you may return back to your own time and place.

Do not go out into traffic for at least half an hour and drink a glass of water. Write up and unusual experiences or insights you have gained

West Kennet Long Barrow Meditation

Here is my own personal meditation on this place, which I would like to share with you. I use this if I wish to seek guidance on a particular problem that I am not sure how to resolve, or if I simply wish to connect with the Ancestors

Protect your space as you usually would, by casting a circle and calling the four quarters, make a special prayer to the Ancestors in your own words, depending on what you seek. (You can burn incense or candles if you wish, but it is not necessary)

Visualise you are standing outside the entrance to West Kennet Long Barrow, it is night time. and it is a full moon. You feel the Ancestors calling you inside and you are drawn to enter within. It is dark, but as you pass the four side chambers, you see candlelight at the far end of the chamber.

You kneel down and ask the Ancestors for their guidance on whatever problem is worrying you, or if you seek to commune with a loved one who has crossed over, then ask to speak to them. If you wish to communicate with an old one generally, then call out to them. There is incense burning of dried herbs here and the scent wafts around the chamber

What happens next is between you and the Ancestors and should generally not be shared, as it is private. The Priestess who guards the chamber may appear to you, she is one of the old ones whose spirit still serves here. Allow her to impart her wisdom, if that is what you seek

When the communication has ended (and you will know when this is!), then you may return back to your own time and place. Give thanks to the Ancestors for whatever has been shared. Leave the barrow and stand at the entrance, the moon is shining in the sky. You gradually find yourself coming back into your body. Close down your circle as usual.

Do not go out into traffic for at least half an hour and have a glass of water to fully come back.


Mermaid Meditation

By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess

When I was a little girl I used to love mermaids.   I remember my grandmother and mother would help me to draw a mermaid sitting on a rock or swimming in the sea.   Now I am older, I am finding that my fascination with mermaids has returned once again.  So what do we know about them?

There is a lot of mythology about them.  In some cultures, they are known as Sirens or Sirenas, Water Nymphs, and even Sea Fairies. Some legends have them as being very helpful to humanity, others that they would lure sailors to their doom. (thus they are associated with bad luck).   In some places worldwide today, local stories of mermaids mean that certain places are no go areas.  However, in some places, it is thought these could be based on pearl divers who were able to remain under water for length of times.   There are also two mermaid Deities, the Greek Goddess Derceto and the Syrian Goddess Atargatis.  In Medieval times, there was the feminine fey character of Melusina.  

Many images of mermaids portray them as having a comb and a mirror, and a love of collecting shells.  In the 19th century, it became very fashionable for travelling road shows to have a mermaid or the supposed remains of one.  In recent times, videos have circulated on the internet of ‘mermaids’ washed up on shore. The success of films like The Little Mermaid and programmes such as H20 – Just Add Water, has reached a new teenage audience.  You can also now buy mermaid tails and costume if you want to dress up as a mermaid.  

Ask for guidance from the Goddesses Derceto and Atargatis, and the fey Melusina before entering into meditation.  Light some incense and anoint your brow with water.   Have music that has the sound of water or the sea or maybe even a harp playing in the background. 

You can do this meditation in the bath or whilst lying down on a bed.   First visualise that you are on a seashore on a full moon.   You are barefoot as you feel the sand on the beach beneath your feet.   Now go into the water, and hear the call of the sea.  

You find that in place of legs and feet, you have a tail.  What colour it is will depend, as you also have mermaid powers and this will again depend on what ones you are drawn to.   You also have pearls in your hair and a necklace of shells.     

You swim out to sea and feel the freedom and serenity that the sea brings.  You can explore underwater ruined cities such as Atlantis and meet up with other merpeople if you wish. You may even be attracted to a merperson for a romantic liaison!

When it is time to return, you sit on a rock and comb your hair and look into your mirror.  You see that your tail has once more become legs and feet.    Now come back to your own time and place as usual. 



By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess

Recent personal experiences have taught me much about how to gain a light body and reach into infinite consciousness.   Though I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same experiences as me, I have been asked to share some of these with you for your own spiritual journey.   I have come to call this path ‘working towards transcendence’.  Have fun


I first came across ‘light bodies’ whilst working with Solara’s books and tapes back in the 1990’s. Back then it was all about Angels and the 11:11 with Starborne.  However, this has taken on a whole new meaning since and can be very powerful.  

To gain your own light body, or to begin to experience one, you will need to lie down and meditate. Now this can be pretty highly advanced metaphysical stuff, so only do this if you feel ready.

First, light some incense and put on some space new age music, such as Constance Demby (I listen to Sacred Space Music or Novus Magnificat).

Visualise that you are going through time and space; you can see all the galaxies of the known universe, as you see planets, stars, nebulas, comets, etc before you.   Feel the stars sing out your name in celestial song.   You may even come across some of the Stargates….

Feel that the stars and you are one.    The stars welcome you home to the all that is. For this is where you were ever meant to be.   And as you become one with the stars, this is where you may start to feel your light body.

You might get a tingling sensation.  When it happened to me, I found that my body was being filled with liquid golden light. From my head to my hands, to my body to my feet, I was shimmering like a star itself.   I felt ecstatic, bursting with star energy

Now, take time to experience this feeling of having a light body.  When you feel ready, it will be time for your next journey.  And please, remember to earth yourself fully when you have finished meditating!

You may find that you will meet members of the other Galactic Star Races such as the Pleiadians or Andromedans, or you can get taken to the Andromedan Council, or you may find yourself on board one of their ships.    However, please be aware that not all Star Races are friendly, so please be on your guard. Particularly if you come across the Reptilians or Greys on your travels.   Put your protections up!    

Happy travelling and stay safe