Bast Channelling
By Morgraine

"Greetings to you of the Earth. You are Children of the Earth Mother and are Her beneficiaries, and are under Her protection. It is under Her guidance you seek us in order to live and fulfill your Earthly lives.  Many aeons have passed, some have gone with the swiftness of the wind, others like the day of the crocodile. There is always something going to happen to darken or enrich your lives

Much happiness and joy do I bring you, for I am the Lady of Life, of the Sistrum, and the pride is the comfort of the realm of the family and spirit. Heed my words, Oh Dark Ones and Great Ones of the Earth. for though thou plot with the Earths resources, destroying her wares for thy pleasure, thou run the risk of poisoning her and raping that on which you live and breathe in order to survive

The Coming Age of the Sun shall be filled with much controversy. We have heard the phrases of the time that 'the end is nigh'. It is only in the hearts of men it is so. The Gods do not wish it. If that is what you say, then indeed it shall be so. The mind is much stronger than the body. You cannot break the Spirit without first breaking the Will. Sons and Daughters of Earth, remember you have freewill

I am the Lady of music, of the adornment worn on your bodies in the form of cloth. I am the warp and weft of the household and family. I am the sister of my twin, the Sun God Horus. I am Daughter of the Divine Isis and Osiris. What is it that thou seekest, people of the Earth? Is it the love of a partner. ambition, freedom and redemption from sin, a haven in the next world? A family? Think on these things. We hear you crying out. Something in the soul stirs to strive for what you want most. We all need love, we all need fulfilment, you are all afraid of death and the Divine. What is such a mystery? You think of life as a chore, life is a joy. Did not your mother and father unite in their joy and love to conceive you? Shall you not unite in joy and love to conceive your children? Cherish life, for it is a joy to receive and to give it. Indeed, it is a gift bestowed on you from the Divine

Fear not the secrets of the Mysteries of the Divine. Life is eternal. Like nirvana is a never ending wheel of incarnations, only to be freed when one realises that those Great Eternal Mysteries, deemed true by many on the Path of Light, can one attune with the Divine life force and realise ones potential in the stars. I believe in the Fellowship of All Things. All things are equal, none is below, inferior, or higher, or superior than another. Men and women, find within yourselves the part of you that is in each other, for you should realise you are alike. It is suggested that men do not cry, and women do not understand men’s problems. This is nonsense. Given the chance, you will find women can be strong, and men can be sensitive. It is the mind that holds the key. Remove the lock that holds it. Men should let their feminine selves come forward without shame. Women should encourage the help of their stronger selves to come forward.

Also plants, animals, the sea, land, air and fire are your equals. Indeed one may be above you in spirituality. Is not the cat wise before it leaps in looking and sensing with its whiskers any danger? Yet you mortals tend to leap before you look in many instances!

Many may wonder what this teaching has been about. The subject is yourself. You do not always need to know of wondrous things like time, the universe. or space. You need to know how to be yourselves, how to enjoy life, and most of all, learn from life. Life is a school, the earth is your classroom. Cherish it, and learn from all you have done. Learn from mistakes. past failures, and what you set out to do, but didn’t actually do. Next time you shall know, and shall have learned from your life. Life is your great teacher. It can be a joy, it can bring pain. What you are taught shall remain with you in this life, the next, and the next

Please consider my words, Children of the Earth, and remember there is a reason for every event, whether joyful or painful., for it is your tutor in the subject of life

I offer you my Blessing, and from my Divine Mother, Isis, her love. Our protection is with you always......"


Isis Channelling
By Morgraine

This channelling was received in 1990

"Greetings, sons and daughters of the Earth’s New Aeon. For many Suns and Moons have we waited for the Herald of the New Age of Aquarius like a trumpeter sounds a fanfare. The Gods and Goddesses of the Divine Sun of the Cosmos have envisaged for many Aeons the Power that Was, Is, and Shall Be

I am Auset, though you know me by my Greek name of Isis. I am the Mother of the Great Saviour Horus, Defeater of Set, the Evil One. I am the Wife of Osiris, the Divine King and Ruler of Earth. I am the Mistress of Magic, Goddess of the Corn and the Seasons, Protectress of Women and Children, Comforter of the Meek and Strengthener of the Weak. All things come from me, and ultimately return to me. I am your Mother Divine, the Celestial Goddess of the Spheres, She of Many Names. I am Creatress as your Father Osiris is Creator

The lesson I give you concerns the embodiment of the Story of the Grail. To receive the Grail requires great humility and respect for the Divine. It is the selfish and foolish man who regards treasure as the greatest force in the Universe. The greatest force in the universe is love. In one of your motion pictures was enacted the Search for the Grail. It was not a search for some treasure or mighty cup, but a very humble vessel (this refers to the film 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'). However, your path runs a different course for the present, and you are still learning. Indeed, you are all still learning, though you may not appreciate that the lessons you face are for your own good

Life is a school. Earth is your classroom. Your teachers are the situations you face every day along the road of the cosmos. You all wish to get there as soon as possible, but some get there too quickly, and sadly fall back to the beginning. Some travel slowly and wisely. It is the case of the Rabbit and the Hare, or if you prefer, a game akin to snakes and ladders.

But life is not a game. It is to do with learning. Those who are still sadly at the material level allow all sorts of decay and personal illnesses to set in. They are easily defeated by life’s little worries and hassles, and it is there in their faces, how they think, act and look. They have taken their lessons life have provided for them and thrown them to the wind. They are unable to cope, and so stress creeps in. Such people have negative Set characteristics. These characteristics include such things as delays in achieving objectives and goals. Positive Set characteristics on the other hand are where people feel everyone is against them. They are the paranoid personalities of the world.

The problem is that this is damaging as it emanates from the self, as well as external factors. Once the self has been eaten away, decay sets in and breakdown results. Obviously, this is true for both types to a lesser or greater degree. It is akin to depression, schizophrenia, and a host of other mental illnesses like neuroses or psychoses.

Take what I have said and consider it. It is important for you to understand the fundamental principles underlying such matters as these. In short, you understand yourself in the process, and that is your greatest challenge. Each of you is progressing towards the achievement of the Grail, your Grail. For is not truth different things to all men and women?

You all have to earn the right to drink from the Grail to receive its knowledge. May it remind you of the Celtic tale of Cerridwen and Gwain and the Cauldron. The result of Gwain's drinking of Cerridwen's cauldron was the birth of Taliesin, the famous Bard. Here is a relationship akin to the Grail story. To receive the Grail you must first learn humility, love, respect, and reverence for all things. This is why the Tuatha de Danaans of Ireland entrusted those few seekers with the Four Gifts of the Planet Earth, the symbols of the Cauldron representing water, the Spear representing Fire, the Sword representing Air and the Stone representing Earth. These have much in common with the Tarot symbols of the Cup, Wand, Sword and Pentacle, which symbolise the Elemental Kingdoms by whose kind offices Man can co-exist in harmony with a host of other entities in the physical body. The Elemental or Fairy Kingdoms watch, and they see what Man has done to their Planet Earth. Unseen and ridculed as if fable for centuries, they survive only first in the space of the twin Earths changing perspectives.

What do you do to the Mother on whom you breed, feed, breathe, bathe, and live, oh people of the Earth? How do you expect your Mother Isis, to love, protect, teach, and nurture you in the coming Aeon? She is a living spirit world, an entity in her own right. There are those who realise this truth and are helping the Earth, but they are few and it needs a combined effort of the whole population

I am not here to offer you a view of hopelessness and despair. I am here to say to you that above all things life is a celebration. Where there is joy there is hope, and this is the greatest weapon to have in defeating the evils of Set. It is true that Horus defeated Set at Edfu as Horus Bedhety, the Winged Suns Disk. This is the symbol of rising above negativity and reaching towards the spiritual heights of the Gods

So we come full circle. To realise this is to realise ones hidden self, and by this you learn to be at peace with yourself and those around you. You merge into the One, and you learn the right of the Grail by permission of the Gods. May Ra bless his children, blessed be the children of the Earth in this Age of Aquarius, and may the Gods and Goddesses of Earth watch over their children forever into eternity...."


Hathor Channelling
By Morgraine

This channelling was received in 1990

" Women of Isis, who seekest thine other half or part of yourself. For not loneliness without joyous union for it is a time of greater understanding and a necessary searching for Rebirth of a part of yourself. Regard it as a time of natural nurturing in your formative years, alas physical time goes by swiftly for mortals, but eternal time is One. By these words, men of Osiris, regard the separation of yourselves from your soul mates in the same manner as a process of growth. For we all need the other part of ourselves. Women, you are daughters of the Celestial Mother Goddess in whose womb and bosom have you flourished. Men, you are sons of the Celestial Father God, in whose arms and protection you have been raised.

Daughters of the Moon, you are the image of your Goddess Isis, - She who is known by a thousand names. Sons of the Sun, you are the image of your god Osiris, he who is known by a thousand names also. As Isis and Osiris were parts of each other, so are you unto yourselves. Daughers of Isis, respect and love your Son of Osiris. Sons of Osiris, respect and love your Daughter of Isis. Each is part of the other. To harm the other, is to harm oneself.

Daughters of Isis, seek your Osiris in the arms of your chosen one. Sons of Osiris, seek your Isis in the arms of your chosen one. For love of two souls twinned and united in joy is the greatest form, the greatest gift and energy in the entire cosmos of time and space, likened unto Shu and Tefnut. To create first requires procreation; this is the secret key of the mysteries. Without the necessary force of love to the fore there can be no Divine Procreation, and hence no Divine Creation.

In the act of Creation, the two supreme Divine forces come together and unite. They become one and give rise to procreation. The Double Helix is the mystery of life. It is the building block of life as a pure physical source. Hence the Double Helix is a gift bestowed by the Gods and Goddesses to ensure life. Those who tamper with life shall find out the meaning of karma as the Wheel turns around. The Gods and Goddesses do not conjoin in acts of those who harm or destroy life, for it is a great sin and a part of the Darkness of Set. Remember, future generations of your people are in your hands, what you do now will have effects in many years, or even aeons, to come. Remember you are the Children of Gaia the Earth Mother, so respect and cherish her as you would your own mother.

Women of Isis, it is you I particularly wish to address. You are governed by the Moon and its phases. As the Moon cycles the earth every 28 days, your moods, emotions and entire well being are in the hands of the rhythm of the Lunar cycle.

The Gods and Goddesses created the race of men and women to be equals, not enemies. The Battle of the Sexes you enjoin is not what the Gods and Goddesses envisaged. Are not Isis and Osiris equals? In dense matter we do not realise these things, but as we rise up the planes we realise the truth as we evolve and progress.

Remember, people and Children of Gaia, physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may seem dull or ugly to some may be strangely beautiful to others, and vice versa. Remember my symbol, the Mirror, and use it to show the true face of people and situations, as well as using it for deflecting unwanted energies. For what is greater, inner or outer beauty to the wise? Remember too, the guises of Set where he leads man to the caverns of Darkness. Be wary of appearances, and avoid rash judgements, for it is not for you to judge another in the light of past experience. None can judge another.

I would like to talk about love, beauty and the arts. Love is a universal pseudonym. It has many connotations. What is love? Love is the utmost caring, unselfish regard and affection for another individual being. It can vary in degree. 'In love' is the intimacy between two people. It causes the release of a chemical in the brain which stimulates your entire being. You cannot live without your other half, you feel lost without your other half. 'In love' is essentially the fusing of two polarities together into ever greater harmony, the very core of marriage. Beauty and the Arts are synonymous and interlinked. Each has his own line of thought, expression and viewpoint. Beauty comes from within. Many people are conditioned to the media’s view of beauty and attractiveness. Everywhere there is empathsis on outer beauty, on being thin, of having a model like figure, of being a certain weight, of using brand X to enhance your natural beauty and attract the opposite sex. This view is outdated. Beauty should be placed in other realms. What of the flowers? Do they worry over their attractiveness? Their beauty is there to behold. Beauty can be found in the trees, in birds singing, in the human voice singing praise to the Gods, it can be found in the mountains, the sun and moon, the sea, and the rivers. Each vibrates its own frequency and colours to enhance your world, so begin to cherish them more.

The arts should be regarded in the same way. Where art is concerned, none can paint finer than those who painted so intricately the Pharaohs tombs, no sculptors carved finer reliefs along the temple walls. Music and singing are expressions of the soul; they are avenues of self discovery. Have you not been moved by the glorious singing of one particular singer or piece of music and experienced the emotion therein, and felt that tingle down your spine? These things trigger vibrations within you along your chakra points to release their energies. Drama is another avenue of expression wherein you see yourself mirrored in the role playing.

For these things you learn, and you release yourself and others around you, for everyone is on a voyage of self discovery in your personal quest towards your goal of initiation. Watch the effects your words and actions have on others around you, and on yourself as a consequence. Learn to accept your responsibilities, and you will make the journey so much easier...."

Nephthys Channelling
By Morgraine

This is a channelling that I received from the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys, sister of Isis, back in 1991

Holding an aqua aura crystal, dedicated in service to Nephthys, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Revelation and Psychism, I entered a semi trance and saw the Goddess most beautifully dressed in sea green robes, the lotus by Her, and the silver chalice symbol on Her head, looking radiant and magnificent. With a veil over Her face, she stood between two pillars, one white and one black

"The time of the Stars is dawning and the Cosmic clock rings thrice for those who see and hear. Greetings, I come to you for the Orb of the Spheres. My sister Isis and I are One Goddess, just as Osiris and Horus are One God. In their unity all comes forth as the Spring of the Sea of Life in the Cosmic Rhythm - for there is One Initiator and by whichever Name you know Him or Her, or It. Return to us in light and love.

Seek and reach forth if you wish to know. Do not go beyond the boundaries of Time and Space where you would be unaccustomed. I am the Hidden One and my Mysteries are revealed to those who wish that their eyes could see, that their ears could hear and that their sense could feel. I am All That Is, That Shall Be and That Can Ever Be. Some know me as the Egyptian Goddess Neith, for I am not begotten but have always existed. Some liken me to the Egyptian Goddess Nuit, the Starry One. In the Stars you can find me, and in the Mysteries many know me. I am always here to guide you, gently and surely. Never be afraid to ask for my guidance and help when you are under stress and never be afraid to look Anubis in the eye lest he growls when fear and uncertainty are rife. He is my Son and is the Divine Psychopompos. the Jackal and Guardian of the Underworld.

I am how I appear to you! Let peace and tranquillity fill your soul, children of Gaia. There are many of you who do not take heed of yourselves when undergoing stress. If you were to learn to relax and be serene, the gift of the Lotus would be yours to have, but not until you respect yourselves and others. First, know yourselves. My lesson is to teach you humility and obscurity. If you wish to know Life, seek within. The Grail shall be yours and the peace of the Lotus will come as you face me as I am. If you seek the Goddess Nuit, gaze at the Stars on a clear night and feel yourself rise. There shall you dwell and see Nuit as the Great Cosmic Godddess. She is before you and inside you. If it is Neith you seek, first learn the skill of the weaver. Thus shall you come closer to knowing the Mysteries within My Veil- and then shall the Mysteries of Isis and the Moon be given to you in your dreams and magical consciousness states.

I leave you now with My Blessings and may my Son Anubis and I guide you for eternity, wherever you call our Names in the Universe. So shall the waters of My Veil be parted for you...."


Sekmet Channelling
By Morgraine

Invocation:  ‘Oh Homage to thee, Sekhmet-Bast-Ra, Mistress of Magic and Great Protectress!  Inspire thy Priestess with thy blessed Divine words of the Sun and thy Celestial Abode of Sirius’
I visualised the Goddess standing majestically before me in the light of Ra, holding a lotus wand, and with the great sun’s disk and uraeus on her brow, as I held an aqua aura crystal.
‘You call me forth with strange words and invocations, Child.  Why bother, when saying only my name will do?   Remember, if you truly want my help and advice, ask for them!  I am never too far away from you when you already have me in your heart.  You are in mine, and so we, as Mother and Daughter, are one and never are we separate from one another. 
You call me forth to speak thus, and hence I will do so.   I am a teacher and can be equally as strict on you, as I can be lenient.  Know this by my dual nature of Sekhmet of the fierce heat of the sun and as Bast of the gentle heat of the sun. I can be cuddly and soft as a kitten when it pleases me, then as fearsome as a lioness the next.   Remember me as your Divine Mother!  Pray to me because it is I who brought you forth from my seed, as did all of the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Hierarchy. 
Mark this well.  There are many Cosmic Hierarchies in the Universe, but none quite so attached and protective towards their kin as we are.   We are your Divine Parents.  Regards yourself as being born of a magnificent starry family somewhere in the cosmos.  Reflect on your responsibilities where you are – the Earth and her children of plants and animals.  
It is a great sin of the likeness of Set to regard oneself as superior to your brothers and sisters of Mother Earth, just because you think you have a Divine Heritage and Mission here.  Without the Earth and her children’s good offices, you could not exist in physical form, so please take heed, as many are now doing, of the destruction humanity is inflicting on Gaia. 

Think of the waste and pollution you constantly generate and add up the consequences.  See for yourself how clever your species is!  I am not here to spread ‘doom and gloom’ of despair.  It is never too late to start making amends, so why don’t you begin now?  
Think if you will on the law ‘like attracts like’.   It has been said before, and I will say it again,   what you give out, you will receive back.  If you are trying to attune to the energies of Aphrodite, you will only do so to that which you have an affinity for.  Remember, this Goddess has two aspects, one for Divine Cosmic Love and one for earthly sensual passions.   So make sure the frequencies you are tuning into are exactly what you are trying to attract!    This is an important point and is worth noting for all you would be channellers, psychics and those engaged in giving oracles.   I say this, because many have received messages from the Deities, Masters or Celestial Beings, only to find out, it was not what they had expected.
Remember my staff, the Lotus Wand, which offers the Sekhem (Power) to those whom it pleases me to empower with my Authority.   I am the Sphinx of the Galaxy and my riddle is concealed, except to those whom I choose to reveal.   I am of the heat of the Sun, for lo, I am Ra’s daughter and messenger of Cosmic Justice.   Yet, I am also of the Stars and possess the power to dispel the darkness of Set.    Invoke my aid when you are in need.  I shall cleanse your aura with such heat and intensity to banish those forces which would harm you.  Know that I represent Cosmic Order and Set represents Cosmic Disorder, or light and darkness.   Verily I say to you, we cannot exist without the other, for we are as complementary forces, swinging the pendulum either way at certain times in the Cosmic Clock.   We are both one in our polarity, and that is a great mystery in understanding the cosmos
There is much for you to think about.  I shall leave you now with the Light and Love of my Father Ra, Divine Mother Isis and Divine Father Osiris, from the depths of Space and Time….


Neith Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:   ‘Holy Goddess Neith, Opener of the Ways, Divine Mother of Ra, come to us with your weaver’s shuttle to teach us of the stars and your forgotten knowledge.’
I visualised the Goddess Neith standing before me, wearing the red crown of Egypt and with a bow in her hands and arrows strapped to her back, as I invoked Her Grace holding an aqua aura crystal.
‘You mourn what is forgotten, but it is not forever lost in your heart of hearts.  Look to the stars and you shall remember, if the time is right for you to know, for I am the Opener of the Ways and guide you to my son Ra, who resides in Aalu on His Barque of a Million Years.
I am All that ever Was, Is and Shall be.  No mortal hath been able to lift my Veil and tell, without facing death of what he saw concealed beneath it.  Yet if you saw, you would laugh!  For it would be what you least expected and you would find me in yourself, and not in some lofty place or ideal you have created.
If you seek, you shall find and of course, you must ‘know thyself’ in the process and most of all, ‘to thine own self be true’.  You come here for a reason!  You hath been everyone and anyone that hath existed in time and space.  Hence, you are one with All That Is.  Do not lament over your sufferings, but verily in revelation, I say that you have decided to choose to be where you find yourself, to enable you to develop your evolution spiritually.  
Your Higher Self that watches over you in Spirit, is yourself from the standpoint of the Eternal Now in time and space.  If it is deemed you need to experience something to enable you in your progress homewards, then it will be so, as long as your Higher Self ascertains it is needed, and you attract those forces responsible. 
It is no use crying ‘why me?’, when you thought along of such happenings.  If you think of something happening, you will attract those forces around you.  So take care, and look at what you are thinking into being around you.  Thoughts create action.  Surely you should know this by now?  Yet many of you appear not to know this basic truth. 
Remember also why you are here.  What is it you need to do?  You choose this life and many others in the Universe you have gone through in Linear Time, or are experiencing at the moment in Timelessness.   Learn from them!   Many of your Initiations are set by your own self from ‘On High’.   Yes, the Deities set initiations also, but they are in terms of Mystical and Spiritual awakenings. 

At this moment your Lower Self, which is a tiny Star-Seed from your Higher Self, has descended to the Material Plane on Earth.  Think about my Weaver’s Shuttle linking all the Cosmos into One in the Eternal Now – much like Arachne weaving her spider’s web.
Return to the Primordial Womb of the Mother – the Great Cosmic Sea of Space and Time.  There is movement within the Tides.  I am the Opener of the Ways into the Mysteries of the Stars.   I lead to the Throne of Isis, where She sits concealed until the appointed time of Initiation.
Many things of strange new revelation do I bring to thee.   It is the signing of the Dawn of Aquarius on Earth at long last.  The time will come, surely, if not in this life, then another, when you will realise these Mysteries which were known to the Atlanteans and Egyptians, that you are One with the Many and are part of the Divine. 
I leave you now with my blessings, and from my son Ra, his Light and Love on your Planet and Solar System.’


Kwan Yin Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Holding an aqua crystal, I entered a semi trance as I visualised the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin seated in a blue lotus, as I meditated using Murry Hope’s Talimantra card called ‘Lotus’, under the heading of meditation
‘I am the Goddess Kwan Yin of the Golden Lotus Flower, though many know me by other names.  I am the Bodhisattva of Love and Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism, and anyone reciting my name of Kwan Shih Yin will receive my immediate aid and response.  For I am the Hearer of Cries and I come swiftly to all in need, no matter whether that be big or small, deserved or undeserved.  All are my children and I care for all of you as any mother would.
As Goddess of Love and Compassion, I wish to speak to you thus.  Never be afraid of love and compassion.  Never be afraid to receive and give love and compassion.  I know, for many of you are afraid.  Remember my lotus, dear ones.  It means rebirth in a pure land and I wish all to enjoy the fruits of the Netherworld, when you pass on into these spheres to rest on your journey.

I give you the teaching of true Cosmic Love in a Lotus flower by my voice and being with you.  So many of you feel hindered at loving, yet it is so simple, if you but knew.  In loving all, you are compassionate for all and your love extends the boundaries, set by your society into the realms of the Spheres of Light Beyond.

Why be afraid, because of losing yourself to another and all around you?  In Buddhism, this is the supreme sense of enlightenment or ‘Nirvana’ of the soul, total annihilation of the self for others.  But there is a danger here of losing oneself totally, that is, being the martyr!  You only need to give so much of yourself to others, for a part of you is Sacred and Divine too.
You must remember to balance out the Yin and Yang of what you are all around you.  Accept the bad with the good, the rough with the smooth and the ugly with the beautiful.  It teaches you to appreciate the other, and so you will learn the essence of polarity as one.  For long now, my children, your society has upheld the masculine.  It needs balancing with the feminine, to even out the unequal distribution of energies you have so long endured. 
The pendulum must swing for balance to be restored.  This is the Law of the Universe.  Understand this and you are nearly halfway there.  The road may be long and you may be weary, but look how far you have really travelled.   In the linear sense it may seem ages before you reach the end, but in the sense of Time and Space, you have done well in such a short space of time.   Do not chastise yourself too often.  It hampers the soul and causes it to bleed with splinters of pain. 
Learn to love yourself first, for who and what you are, and not because of who you may be and who you may have been.  Learn to be your own true love and find your own true love within yourself.  If you do this, truly I say to you, you will find your own truest love for real. 
In the same vein, consider the murder of Osiris by his jealous brother Set.  Regard Osiris’s scattered fragments of his body as like the fragments of your own psyche, scattered across time and space.  Do not mourn anymore your own separation, for you are all One in the Eternal Now.  Feel yourself reunited as one whole Celestial Being of Light and Love. Be clothed in the Oneness of yourself and see what was previously invisible, is now visible.
Thus you will have reached forth and discovered the essence of true love.  It extends beyond, as you find yourself one with all things and beings in the Cosmos.  You are a part of them, as they are part of you.  You being to feel the universe within forming and you will become aware of your own beauty, by seeing it in everyone and everything around you, inside and outside you,
I leave you now with my thoughts and prayers.  You are always in my heart.  My Blessings and love of the Buddha always be with you, to inspire and guide you….’


Arianrhod Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘oh sweet Goddess Arianrhod, whose name means ‘Silver Circle’, come to our hearts, so that we may glimpse life beyond the stars in your home, Caer Arianrhod.  Inspire us with your dreams if tranquillity and peace beyond the veil’.
‘Now is the time for you to turn once more to the Deities in your Quest and soul-searching for the self.  The Well of Life can reflect the Macrocosm, just as the Stars reflect the Microcosm.  Look into your own well for your own answers and contact that inner sense of peace and tranquillity within first, otherwise it soon becomes dry with bitter disappointment. 
Meditate on the Moon, how she changes from the New to the Waxing, from the Waxing to the Full, from the Full to the Waning and from the Waning to the New again every month, as She orbits the Earth.  For She also rules the tides, cycles and lives of all things and beings on the planet. 
In years past, it was thought that the Moon governed women entirely.  However, let it be known that She also governs the lives of men, equally!  In today’s world, men are more in touch with their feminine side than their ancestors, just as women are more in touch with their masculine side.  
With regards to the Moons phases, think on the Moons relationship with water.  My name means ‘Silver Circle’, therefore I am of the Moons First Quarter, her Waxing.  Traditionally, this is the time of the Maiden, as I appear as a silver crescent in the night sky.  But on a Full Moon, you see me fully as I lift my veil, as the Divine Mother.  Then, you know me as Don, in my home of Clys Don. Like the Wheel of Fortune, the Moon comes full circle, as I become a silver crescent once more, as the Moon Wanes at the Last Quarter.  Then I become Cerridwen the Enchantress.  At the New Moon, I am completely obscured to you, as I replace my veil, until I return to you on my journey across the heavens.
My Daughters, I would like you to meditate on your menstrual cycles and the relationship with the moons phases.   You are a priestess of the goddess, therefore be the Goddess.  Now my Sons, ponder on your relationship with the Goddess.  Find your way to the goddess through exploring your feminine side.
The Moon is the Key to the Beyond on Earth. She is a stepping stone into the vastness of space and time.  The stars are like lanterns guiding your way into the infinite of the All That Is.   They are the atoms and molecules of the Goddess, just as your body is made up of atoms and molecules.  You are a part of the Goddess, just as She is a part of you.  You are the atoms and molecules of the goddess likewise.
Think of the glory of the Aurora Borealis and how magnificent a solar flare is!  Here you have cosmic chain reactions in the action of creation!  Think of lightning and volcanic activity.  All of nature is part of my charge and therefore part of me.

The Moon is my calling card to my palace, Caer Arianrhod.  I am known by many names in the universe.  To some, I am great Isis, to others Persephone.  I am also known as Diana, or her daughter, Aradia.  To others, I am Selene, Levannah, Luna or Mara.  I am Binah in the Qabalah, just as the god is Chokmah, and we descended from Kether, the Divine Source. 
I am the feminine in nature.  Do not ignore me or turn me aside.  I am that which is passive, that of the emotions, intuition and art.  For nearly two millennia, the God, the masculine, or the active has reigned supreme.  The realms of logic, rationality and reason have prevailed.  Now we herald an age where these are in harmony with each other.  For this is what my return is all about after so long.

Bless you my children, may you realise the Mystery of the Veil and the Moon in yourself, as well as in the Waters of Life’


Brighid Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘Oh wise and beautiful maiden Brighid, Daughter of Dana and wife of Lugh, uplift us with the sweet sounds of your harp and bless us with your holy waters of life that are warmed by your hearth fire’.
I visualised the Goddess Brighid dressed in orangey flame red robes, holding a bronze bowl of water over a perpetual hearth fire.  She had a gold band around her forehead and flame coloured plaited hair, with gold armbands and a lunula around her neck.
‘You invoke me to hear the Music of the Spheres from my Harp and be blessed from the Waters of Life, which are warmed on my hearth fires.
Know that the Mystery lies within you yourself.   The hearth fire is the fire within the Spirit, which can be either warm or cold, depending on what lies within the heart itself.  The Waters of Life bless all those who share in this mystery and knowledge.  Just as Caesara sailed from Mu to Atlantis over the Rainbow Bridge uniting both Nature and Art, so must you unite logic and intuition within yourself.  For balance to be obtained, look for the Four Gifts of the Tuatha de Danaans around you and in you.  Behold the Four Treasures that came from the Four Magical Cities in the sky:
From Gorias, came the Sword of Light, which is the serpent power that the Goddess Morrigan bestows on the true warrior or knight.  From Murias, came the Cauldron of Plenty, which contains the waters of the Grail itself.  From Finias, came the Spear of Destiny, which is welded by Lugh himself. For it is On High and not yet for humans.  From Falias, came the Stone of Destiny, Lia Fail.   The altar of nature and the Earth. 
Truly I say to you, look after the Earth and all her creatures.  For I am the Earth and all are my kin.  In harming nature, you harm me.  And in harming me, you harm yourself in the end.  For am I not your Mother?  We know that there are some of you who have heard the Call and have awakened to Earth’s cries.  Care for the Earth, help the environment and the animals.  Send healing to the planet, as she needs your assistance.  Pour the Waters of Life on her to heal the Wasteland.  Remember Merlin’s prophecy, for Logres will surely become barren again, unless this can be prevented.
Listen to the sounds of my harp on the wind and see my face in the sun, and you will hear my voice as a whisper!  Listen to the sounds of running water by a brook and feel my presence.  For I am everywhere and in everything.   As the Children of Lir became swans, so may you.  Cross the barriers of space and time to enter the World of the Sidhe, or the Land of Hearts Desire.   Find yourself amongst friends and family in the Celestial Realms. 
Remember your true origins and descent into matter!  What have you come to Earth for?   Do not shirk your responsibilities.   Let your consciousness expand to go higher on a starry night, enter by one of the many Stargates through a Dolmen Gateway.   You will find yourself at Home again after so long, meeting loved ones past, present and future. 
Regard stones and streams, hills and trees, just as the Ancient Celts did.   Feel the magic in a grove at night in the open and in a stone circle at dawn when the sun rises.   Remember that you come in from the East and go out in the West.   Regard that the Sun and Moon are brother and sister, God and Goddess.  Feel yourself housing god and goddess within you.  For every man is a priest of the god and every woman is a priestess of the goddess.   Feel the life force, in the eternal now. 
For as you come to understand this mystery, the hearth fire will burn bright within.   The Waters of Life are yours to drink from, as you achieve the Grail and the right to drink from it in reality. 
Rebirth is the light at the end of the dark tunnel and you will no longer fear death.   Know that your soul is immortal, though the physical body is subject to decay.   Though you may have many incarnations on your journey, in the All That Is. 

Then you would have heard the sounds of my harp in yourself, resonating with all in the Cosmos.   Joy will come to you, as you no longer fear separation.   Please remember that the Land of Tir na Nog is with you Now.   See, hear and feel it everywhere and everything, for it is Sacred and Divine.   Be at peace with yourself and the Deities

I leave you now with my love and blessings, and from my brother and husband Lugh, his ever shining light and warmth.  Blessed be, my Beloved Children of Earth….’

Cerridwen Channelling
By Morgraine

“Great visions of Hy Brasil you perceive to be true, in verity know that the Water of Life stir up bittern reflections of attaining the Grail as one passes through the Wasteland in attaining wisdom and love along the way.
Consider what is lifeless and barren in yourself first, before stepping forward on your Quest.  In my castle amongst the stars, Caer Sidi, I see and hear all of what each and everyone one of you does along your Journey Home.  Some of you work alone and are afraid.  I say to you, be not afraid of the Lone Path.   It is a Path of greater understanding and an evolution in itself.  It is a path of learning within yourself. Like the Hermit, you will become wiser for the experience in your soul-searching and spiritual seeking.  It is also a path of great loneliness and growth.  Never fear isolation or abandonment by others, for you are never alone when you count the stars and hear them call your name as they shine forth their light to all.  You will also be close to the world of the Sidhe.
Remember, they too are lonely.  They fear you have forgotten them and do not acknowledge their presence.  Learn to communicate with the spirits and so become closer to nature and the cosmos.  Then you will never need fear loneliness for you will always be surrounded in the love and light of otherworld beings and presences. 
The many coloured land of initiation is available to all who seek it.  First, find out what it is you wish for. Remember, delusions of grandeur and selfishness only block your Path will obstacles that hinder the way.  Then, when you truly honour yourself and others, the Wasteland will be filled with life instead of death and the endless searches of no-hope.  Restore abundance and fertility to yourself and the essence of the Grail will be yours to drink form and cherish forever. 
Find what you seek within yourself.  Then you will be able to experience Rebirth and you will see Hy Brasil in yourself and all around you once more.  Remember how I took Gwain into myself when I changed into a hen and ate the seed and later gave birth to Taliesin.  You need to seek your Guru or Master within instead of reading text books or listening to some self proclaimed Master.  You know your own answers, as truth is different to all men and women.  Then you will find the nature of the Grail you seek as you experience the reality of union with all Beings, being part of them as they are part of you.  You will feel humble, yet great at the same time.   You will have attained the right to drink from the Grail.  May you attain this on the Earth plane in your everyday lives- thus reflecting the Inner Levels in the Outer. 
And so you will see the Many Colours that Initiation can bring, all blended into a unity in a state of consciousness beyond your normal reach in a Land faraway, yet paradoxically in your hearts.   Remember too, that what you seek has only been forgotten, just as you have forgotten the Gods of these Shores for so long, but to whom you are now turning for their wisdom and love.   Reflect back on your other incarnations, and you will know what has not been done and you need to do, and what you have done and need to remember again on your Spiritual Journey.

My cauldron contains a mixture of the Many blended into One, just as Time and Space are One, and all Things and Beings are One.  It is how I stir its contents which make its go either back or forward in Time, regress or progress as need be in the Cosmic Development and yet it is still in union. 
I leave you now with my blessing and the love of my Son, the Bard Taliesin.  Peace and harmony be with you always, my children, as I am thy Mother Divine.”;

Dana Channelling
By Morgraine

“That which you see and hear may only be what you want to see and hear!  Fear not the Mysteries of Atlantis and the Emerald Isle, for in verity they are as true today as they have always been.  Remove the veil clouding your vision and the covering that blocks your listening.  Awaken to the call of the Deities and then you will know you have been asleep!
Hear my voice in the wind, and in the gentle breeze of the trees.  See me in the landscape of nature.  Likewise, you will find me in the arts of painting and music, in literature and in beauty around you.  Look for me in children playing and in the discoveries of your sciences.  Like a new-born babe, you will truly be opened up to all around you in a new light of truth and love.
For I am in everything you see and hear, feel and sense.  I am around you and about you.  If you look, you will find me, and if you listen, you will hear me, not in some exalted position seated in the clouds above you on a throne looking down, but in everything and everyone.
First, look within yourself to your greater heart.  The greatest place you often don’t think of housing Deity is in you yourself!  In acknowledging yourself as being part and one with deity, you will find yourself one with all things and beings. 
The essence of true magic is not in the robes and rituals you address to your workings and everyday life, but in yourself and what you see and hear of the life-force within.  See the magic of a new dawn rising and the sun setting at dusk, feel the oneness on a sunny day with the flowers and streams nearby.  Then you are closer to the essence of magic for what it really is.
As you see the reality of falsehood being stripped away for what it realty is, of an illusion, you will feel the effects change around you, as it permeates and radiates out in your aura, as light and love spreading everywhere and in everything. 
You are the creator of your own universe, and what you think, act and say today will have a cause and effect tomorrow.  Learn to be at peace with yourself and those around you.   Find the inner tranquillity in the beauty of your world. Appreciate what you regard as the ‘norm’ more, and then you will see new in the old!  Like a new child, you will see things that are not what they seem,
Remember the wise ones, whom you called the Druids, had access to the knowledge possessed and passed onto them by the Old Country of Atlantis.  The Land of Hearts Desire may seem far away in some lofty place, but it is here with you now.  Throw back the veils of illusion and you will find it and you will once again be part of that which you have always yearned for- to return Home and be with the Deities.  Look with your inner eyes and ears.
Pass through the Dolmen Gateway of the Stars in your dreams to the Stargates in time and space, and there you will find us waiting for you to join us in happy reunion with your Divine Family!  Here we await your return to Tir-na-nog in the Etheric Realms, where you will find a place set for you to join in our song and dance with food and drink, as we celebrate your Homecoming back to us in love and light.
All you need to do is look beyond where you perceive us to be, for what is invisible is made visible in the Greater Reality.  Wash away the worldly veil of illusion and be free once more.  For lo, you truly would have found us and would be one with us once again,
I leave you now with my blessings and the love and light of my Divine Husband, Mananan Mac Lir of the Seas, to guide you Homewards ever more”

Rhiannon Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘Oh lovely Goddess Rhiannon, who is known as Epona the horse goddess and goddess of all injustices, we need your courage and strength against the enemies who hound us’.
‘You petition me to ask for courage and strength against those injustices committed against you in these times.   However, let it be known that you have an inner sense of these already.
Remember what happened to me in the Mabinogion and take heart, my fellow Celts of the heart and mind.  Those who served me that injustice were made to pay for their evil deeds.  As I sat outside the Gates of the Palace of Pwyll carrying people on my back, as if I were a horse for those years, I learnt the meaning of suffering and humility through my misfortune.  Yet soon after, my son Pryderi was found and all rejoiced.   And I was freed from my punishment and found innocent of the crime I was falsely accused of.
However, they say that ‘punishment fits the crime’, yet we know of the restrictive plans of your Government to deny its people basic freedom of access.  Remember that any legislation that fails its people shall fall, consider what happened to Rome.   Yet, we also know of where your justice system has allowed for criminals to walk free, where they should have been punished, and where innocent people have been wrongly convicted of a crime.
But do not be afraid of the coming times.   Sweet Albion will surely rise again and you with it.  Do not fear those who try to get you to turn around and disrupt your faith.  They break Cosmic Law and show intolerance of another’s beliefs.  It is a sad sign of life on your planet, and the Deities empathise with you.  Take comfort in that it shows the true cosmic age of these souls.
They prove to be like children, never have leaving the cosmic nursery.  Go forth in your work and life, saying you are a time traveller travelling…but you are surrounded by unhappy people who need your help.  Remember also this maxim ‘A young soul will say ‘I know’, a middle aged soul will say ‘I think I know’ and an old soul will say ‘I don’t know’.   Think on it, which category do you fit into? Or maybe even people you know?
Gain an inner understanding of yourself first.   Have you heard of ‘know thyself’ and ‘to thine own self be true’?  Seek what you wish to find within.   Remember the Charge of the Goddess.  This contains important messages.  Meditate and understand the Mystery of what it teaches.  It has been said that the Wiccan tradition is not compatible with Druidry, and vice versa.
This is nonsense.   Both are valuable and valid methods of study.  They are both cousins, the yin and yang, the moon and sun, female and male.  They complement each other like opposites of the same coin, so are in polarity.  Both faced persecution by the Christians in the Burning Times.  Both are descended from their ancestor, the Old Religion.   They survived the test of time and found their way to the Gates of Annwn, home of my husband, Pwyll, Lord of the Underworld!
So it is with you.  Put your hand through the top of a candle flame to test your faith in the Deities.   The flame will not harm you, for you know that the Four Elements, Ondines for Water, Sylphs for Air, Gnomes for Earth and Salamanders for Fire, will not harm you.  For being in touch with nature, they are your friends and cousins.
In these coming times, your faith may be tested, as mine was in the injustice done to me.  So to likewise with you.  Truly I say to you, do not lose your faith with the Old Ones, for they are forever with you, ever watching, as we record all that we see and hear.  Just as our servants, The Watchers, who are clothed in mist and are invisible, tell us what they witness.  
I leave you now with these thought provoking words and wish you peace and happiness with renewed vigour for the morrow.  On you and your world, may blessing be, my children, and from my son Pryderi and husband Pwyll, as well.  Awen’.


Aphrodite Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation: ‘Dearest Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, reveal to us your true cosmic love and that of your son, Eros’.
I lit an incense stick, anointed my brow with water, held an aqua aura crystal as I meditated on the Aphrodite Card from Murry Hope’s Olympus Deck, whilst listening to Ancient Greek music.
‘I am the Morning Star, I am that which survives in your hearts and cannot be destroyed.   For lo, behold, my love is eternal.   All of you are my kith and kin.  When you respect me, you respect true cosmic love and are friends with the Deities.
My Son, Eros, is my messenger.   He striketh arrows of desire into even the most shyest and hardened of people!
However, know that I, as his Mother and Love Goddess, have given permission for this, so that you may unite with your own twin flame or soul mate.
For those that are not in a relationship as such, take comfort in that what you may lack in this life, you may have in another life or dimension.
I was born of the sea, and I rule over the emotions of love.  Be careful not to confuse my energies!  Many are there of you, who entangle true cosmic love and the desire of a partner.
True cosmic love is on all levels and is not limited to one person or being.  Remember my emblem, the dove, as bird of peace.   It is sometimes portrayed in your imagery holding an olive branch in its beak.
There are those amongst you who constantly plan wars.   Know that we the Deities, know who these creatures are and we are concerned with life on your planet.
Love the Earth, for She is your Mother on which you reside.  If you destroy one aspect, you destroy part of the planet.  Thus in reality, you destroy yourselves.
However, I am not here to give a doom and gloom lecture, but to advocate peace and love.
To reach me, and taste of my domain, see yourself riding the crest of a wave.  Be at peace with everything and everyone around you.   Have on your altar a shell, which is my sacred symbol, as it is from whence what I was born out off in the sea foam.
Some see me as a beautiful fair haired white robed goddess, to others I am a sex siren.  But know that those who perceive me as such, only do so, within the limits of their own understanding.
My sacred zona or girdle is wrapped around you in protection.  Nothing can penetrate this force field, as love is the most powerful force in the universe.
Sing my praises on song and by lyre, for I am with you in the arts.   My retinue, the Graces, attend me and to my needs. 
They offer to you, the beauty that you ladies so desire. But grace and beauty are interchangeable, and we see so many of you taken in by false visions of beauty. 
Consider what is real and beautiful in your own world first.  A flower opening, a mother cat with her kittens, a sparkling gemstone, a piece of music which stirs you…
Think on my sacred gem, the pearl and how it is formed.  Pearls contain purity and wisdom and are excellent for getting in touch with the sea.
As I ride the waves, see me as I truly am.  Do not fall for false prophets or images of me.  I come to you with waves of celestial love, like my planet Venus, which was named after me.  Behold, for Venus was also the name that the Romans called me.
Seek beauty in you and all around you.   I come to you as your Mother and I love you.  Be at peace with yourself and learn to love all around you.
I leave you now with my Bright blessings and that of my Son, Eros.  Look out for me at night as the Evening Star, for this is the planet Venus come to guide you.’


Athena Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Using Murry Hope’s card for Athena from the Olympus Deck, I anointed my brow with water, and held an aqua aura crystal as I invoked her Grace.
Invocation:  ‘Bright Goddess Athena, come to our hearts and be our shield and guide.  May your wisdom bless our minds.’ 
‘You see me standing before you in resplendent splendour of the light of the Sun.  Though thou art mortal, this is light that all can share.  My Shield is my defence and note that though I am Goddess of War, I only defend and never attack.  I use my mind and know when the time is right to uphold it. 

The Owl sits on my shoulder whispering to me words of wisdom in my ear.  He is my companion and friend.  You too, may ask for his guidance and wisdom if you choose. Know also that I never raise my Spear to attack likewise, as I only to use it in self-defence. 
So that you too, may learn the secrets of Pallas, know that when Perseus engaged in battle with the Gorgon Medusa, he used the gift of my shield.  Thus he was spared the fate of turning into stone.
The lesson here is to never look your enemy in the eye, but to use my Shield to deflect and reflect back unwanted energies.  You are being put under?  Make use of my Shield and borrow my Aegis.  My aegis is my breastplate and it will protect your heart from pain.
Know that though I sprung from the head of Zeus, this afflicting him with a headache, I am both Virgin and Queen.
The Athenians built a temple to me, the Parthenon, which still stands today.  The Romans knew me as Minerva, the Celts as Sulis, the Egyptians called me Neith and the Norse, Freya.
Call me by name when you feel under attack, and I will protect you.  Please remember my Shield!   Fair Pegasus rides the sky and he will uplift you to Olympus, if you ask him.  For he is under my steed.
I leave you now and offer my Blessings and that of my Father Zeus.   May we be all One under the Olympian sky’


Artemis Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘Oh sweet goddess Artemis, sister of Apollo, Daughter of Leto and Zeus, come and inspire us with your silver arrows of light’.
Listening to the sounds of Ancient Greek music, I was transported back in time to Ancient Greece and its temples.  I anointed my brow with water, lit an incense stick and held an aqua aura crystal. 
‘Come to my silver arrows of light, for they are like beacons that guide your way to my sphere of the moon.  For I am not what you see and perceive me to be.   I am the Great Goddess that time forgot.
Many centuries ago, I was worshipped as Queen of the Gods, seated on a throne with two panthers, one either side of me.  I wore a bright diadem of the stars, and my robe was the moon’s light.
Over time, the Greeks forgot this and portrayed me as the Huntress of Souls, wearing a saffron tunic and with my bow and arrows that I got from my brother, the God Apollo.
Perceived as Forever virgin, but I am the Mother of you All.  Remember my appearance at Ephesus, of the Many Breasted Goddess, spewing forth milk as nourishment from the Gods.  I was worshipped as Great Artemis then.
But then came along the Christians and they desecrated my once great temple.  Never fear, for I am with you always.  Meditate on the Moon, for Her Silver rays are my Arrows of Light.
You mourn for what is forgotten, but it only lies forgotten with your own hearts.  Come to me, let my arrows of light guide you.
After centuries of worship, my faith went underground and I became known as Diana, the Goddess of the Witches. 
All animals, tame and wild come under my steed, especially bears, cats, wolves and stags.   Never forget me, for I am with you in the depths of the forest where I dwell.  Feel my power on a full moon, when the veil is at its thinnest. 
I am sister to Apollo, the Sun God. Worship me like they did of old.  The songs and hymns may be gone, but new ones will sing the praises of the gods today. 
Light an incense stick, anoint your brow with water and have a crystal with you, as you meditate.  Allow my silver arrows to guide you to the Sphere of the Moon, the centre of psychic and spiritual development on your world.

Know that in Ancient Greece, these existed two main empires, or seats of power, the Athenians and the Spartans.  The Athenians did not allow their women to vote, nor to leave the house except for festivals and with their husbands and fathers permission.   
The Spartans however, allowed women some equality, in being able to train with the men on how to fight.
Which system is better?  That is for you to decide, but know that both had its good and bad points.
There are many plans in place by your Government to introduce draconian rule.  Like as in Athens, the people need to rise up and prevent this from happening.  Your freedoms are at stake if you allow it to happen.

It has been said that those of the elite, who want this new world, worship the Goddess.  Let it be known, that they do not worship the Goddess of Light, or any benevolent deity.
We the Olympians are saddened by all of this, but it is up to you to stand up and fight.  You must, for the world will be a very dark place indeed if you were to allow this to happen 
If you need strength and courage in the coming dark days, call on us, any of the Olympians, by Name.  You may have forgotten us down the ages, but we have not forgotten you.
Do not allow those of the darkness to rule, let the light continue and illumine your world.   If in doubt, step into a moon beam on a full moon and feel revitalised.
Let my silver arrows guide you homeward, so that you can remember who you truly are. 
I leave you now with my Blessings, and those of my brother Apollo, Mother Leto and Father Zeus.
May the Light long continue to illuminate your world.’


Hestia Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth Fires, warm our hearts and give your guidance for the hearth and home
Meditating on the Olympus Card for Hestia, I anointed my brow with water, lit an incense stick and held an aqua aura crystal.
‘Look within my Flame on my altar for your answers, for lo, I am never far away from you.   I am always within your heart.
My Fire is my circle of protection around you and it burns night and day.   It is the Spark of Life that is within us all, for it is Divine.   Even the humble cat and mighty lion share this spark.
All in your body, you have atoms and molecules that make up your bones and tissue.   Each of these contains protons, electrons and neutrons, which are known by your scientists.   Within the atom lies the nucleus, the heart or centre of it all.
From Inner Space to Outer Space, as we venture beyond our Home, your hearth fire, to your street, your town or city, your district, your country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe.
All life, whether plant or animal, contains this spark.   Thus all is Divine and Sacred.  It is a great sin to destroy life and those that do, will reap karmic repercussions if not in this lifetime, then another. 
But fear not, even that which is seemingly destroyed, is transmuted.   We ascend and transcend such as this onto the next sphere of being, so nothing is lost.
Consider my Temple, my hearth in Ancient Greece and Rome.  In Rome, I was known as Vesta and my temple was attended by the Vestal Virgins.
These especially selected ladies were chosen from a young age, to spend time in service to guard the Sacred Flame. What they were really doing was guarding the sacred spark of life within themselves.
They wore white robes, and a special red and white headdress.   This signified the passions and purity in balance. 
My spark of life gave them the ecstasy that they so needed on the physical.   This is why so many remained virgins for so long.   There was no need for sexual pleasure, as I, as their Goddess, provided the bliss they desired.
All of the Vestals had their hair braided into 7 braids called the sine crines.   Seven is a sacred number and like your modern day nuns, the hairstyle was meant to signify the release of vanity.
The Vestals were greatly respected in Rome, and their advice and guidance was often sought by those in power.
The Fire of Life is the kundalini that comes up from the spine.   It can bring enlightenment, madness or death.   Thus it is to be understood and not abused. 
Come to me, my Children.  Though no formal temple serves me now, you may contemplate and join in communion with me, by simply lighting a candle flame.
Seek peace by meditating on the flame and consider the flame as your spark of life, watch it grow, flicker and glow.
Though thou may see me as a middle aged or old woman, know that I am the wise Hestia, like the elder lady in your family, the matriarch.  I have much wisdom and experience to impart, if you listen.
I leave you now and wrap you in the circle of my Hearth Fire of protection.   Blessings upon thee..’


Demeter Channelling
By Sarah Rooke

Invocation:  ‘Holy Goddess Demeter, come to us, for an ear of corn is sown in silence.  Bestow on us thy mysteries of your Daughter Persephone.’
I lit an incense stick, anointed my brow with water, and focused on Murry Hope’s Demeter card from the Olympus Deck, as I held an aqua aura crystal.
‘It has taken many years to get to where you are now.  Behold, for I am infinite and Divine.   Without my energies, the Earth would be barren and the Fisher King would rule the Wastelands.
Some see me as a rather matronly mother figure, let it be known that I am Mother of you All.
For my bounty is endless, your crops would fail without me, and the people starve.  Rivers would run dry and the people would thirst.   My Daughter, Persephone, guards the way into the Underworld, the Kingdom of her Husband Hades.
But this place is not one of fear like your vision of Hell; rather it is a turning point or station for one to reflect on one’s former life, before you move into the Blessed Elysian Fields.
In my Mysteries of Eleusis in Ancient Greece many centuries ago, anyone who revealed my secrets was put to death.  But now the time is right - behold, an ear of corn is reaped in silence.  Once you put from the basket into the Cista Mystica, and taste of the Kykeon, you will know my Eternal Bliss, and that there is nothing to fear in death.  And you will see my Daughter, as the Beatified Vision.
Let it be known that those who plot war and evil deeds, will have to repay them, if not in this life, then in another.  They destroy what they do not understand.  To end life is a great sin, and one which will have karmic consequences. 
Fear not, we know of the Dark Ones creed.  Unite in your understanding of what is happening on your planet, together love can work miracles if all are in unison.
Cast not pearls of wisdom before those who would not care to understand and wreck destruction, for they are of the train of Set, Loki, or whatever name you know the evil one, and must be avoided.
Just like the gems of my Earth like rubies, sapphires and emeralds sparkle with brilliance, know that every one of you is unique and equally shine with cosmic light.
Wear my crystal, as a reminder of your links with me.  My flaming torch belongs to Bright Hecate. And it is She who guides souls at the weary crossroads.
Thou art infinite.  Act like it and be it!  I am of the green Earth, of corn and wheat, and of all good things to eat like fruit and vegetables.
My robe is the green grass and my hair is the corn.   My eyes are the blue sky and my breasts are the mountains and hills. Rivers are my arteries and volcanoes are my heart.   Trees are my lungs, and the air is my breath.
Regard me as Holy and Sacred.   For I am that which you live and breathe on in order to survive.
There are those who plot with the Earth’s resources, and want to endanger life.  Truly I say to you, by doing this, you will suffer the consequences of your actions, as well.  One which will take many lifetimes to amend. 
Messing around with the land, sea and air is not to be encouraged and must stop, before it is too late.   There is still time, but the window is narrowing with every passing moment.  Those who see what is happening, must unite for the situation to be reversed.  
Come to me, My Children, walk barefoot on the grass during a summer’s day, and  feel your connection to Nature through your feet.  For I am Mother Nature, and I have many names, such as Dana, Isis, and Ceres. 
If you live near a body of water, such as a river, lake or sea, go there and connect to all the elements in silence for a few moments. 
Feel the sun, fire on your face; the wind, air through your hair; connect to the life on the land, earth and in the sea or rivers, water. Such a practise will clear any ‘cobwebs’ away and will help clear your mind.
I leave you now with my Blessings and that of my Daughter, Persephone.  You have much to think about….’