Basic Instructions to Heal by Laying on of Hands
By Sarah Rooke

Coming from a long line of spiritualist mediums and healers, the advice I got given by a guide many years ago was, if you have the ability to heal, to go out and do it, its as simple as that.  The basic instructions to heal by laying on of hands is this:

Let the patient be seated upright in a chair, yourself standing behind them.  Lift your arms up and make a prayer/invocation to Deity, saying it aloud or silently as you wish, for only the highest light, ideals and healing power.
Place your hands above the patients head and gradually let them come down of their own accord, for they should be guided or directed to where they need to go from On High. You may feel empathically the condition of your patient in a certain spot, or perhaps have insight into what is wrong, or maybe you might hear and 'inner voice' in the process (this would be your spirit guide)

Do not touch the patient forcibly, only allowing your hands to just touch where they are needed on the patients body.  You are acting as a channel for spirit to work through you, so higher energies are passing through you onto the patient via the aura.  Spirit will know how much healing power you and the patient can take.  When I heal for example, my hands got all hot and tingly, and when the power has gone, they grow cold again. 

It is important that you seal the person’s aura and your own after a healing session.  Just use a simple gesture of drawing an 'egg' with your hands around the patient first, then yourself, from both sides of the body.  Seal it at the top of the head with a symbol as you feel appropriate - i.e. a cross, ankh, pentagram, etc 

If you find yourself using sweeping gestures over the patient, you are clearing away psychic clutter that has culminated over time.  Remember to throw it away safely psychically so it does no more harm.  If you are holding your hands over a particular area and it feels warm, this area is most in need.  Heat on a patient denotes pain. Do ask if the patient has seen, or will be seeing a doctor.  Psychic and spiritual healing should be no substitute for orthodox medicine.  Any form of illness or disease (note the word dis-ease) has to start on the etheric levels and filter down to the physical.  Also bear in mind the ethics of healing and codes of conduct when conducting healing sessions (i.e. be careful where you touch people). 

I hope these meagre notes are of some help and assistance


By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess


From the Sanskrit Akasa, meaning ‘ether’ or spirit. One of the five elementary principles of nature. The term was originally coined by Pythagoras in addition to the other four alchemical elements of air, fire, water and earth. He also taught that all information that relates to the physical was recorded in the Akashic Records or Celestial Library.

Antimatter (Antiparticle)

In the world of matter, each particle of matter has its opposite number or antiparticle. When a particle meets up with its antiparticle equivalent, both are annihilated, leaving a discharge of energy in the form of a gamma ray.


The study and theory of the birth, growth, life and development and death of the universe or cosmos.

Electromagnetic field

The field of force associated with an accelerating electromagnetic charge, which has both electric and magnetic components which make up its electromagnetic energy. Corresponds to the aura, which surrounds all things and beings, as a force field of energy around them. Associated with colour energy of the known spectrum, called in science the ‘electromagnetic spectrum’, and covers the range of radiations and frequencies of gamma rays, x rays, ultraviolet and infra red, microwaves and radio waves. 


This is the transition from order into chaos (or dissolution) following organisation. It can correspond to decay, randomness or change of a system of energy into something else less able to function as before i.e. onset of sudden illness or death.

Experimenter effect

This correlates to those instances where the effect of the experimenter is able to affect the outcome of the experiment by their own personal ethos/bias towards what is taking place – i.e. its all in the mind, what we want to believe/disbelieve. Likewise, there is also the Observer Effect, whereby the effect of the Observer affects the outcome in the same manner.


Seen by some scientists as a way of viewing infinity due to their nature of coming in so many different dimensions, family of shapes and irregular patterns, or a means of recognising the abstract. They are also believed to represent the organising nature of the universe, referred to as the ’geometry of nature’.

Gaia Hypothesis

Prof. James Lovelock’s theory of the Earth as a self regulating entity in Her own right, to which he has given the old Greek name for the Earth. This has a large following, who also view Gaia as a living intelligence who is fully aware of what takes place on her surface. Obviously popular amongst Druid/Wiccan circles!

Hologram theory

Dr Lyall Watson’s theory of the soul being like a hologram that shatters and scatters across the universe in different dimensions, time and space, in the context of all time being one. Each fragment represents a part of the personality or psyche that makes up the whole. 

Inner time

Murry Hope’s term for linear time, the time we see on clocks and and which we are aware of passing consciously i.e. minutes, hours, days, etc.


A term borrowed from the East, but defined in the West as the retributive justice from a person’s state or former life, i.e. ‘as ye sow, so will ye reap’ principle. The idea being we will have to atone at some point for any misdeeds we may have done.

Light (speed of)

Usually given at about 186,000 miles (300,000 km) per second. In short, the distance from the Earth from the sun, and the time taken for light from the stars to reach us. E.g. Alpha Centauri is our nearest neighbour at 4 lights years away, it has taken 4 years for the light of this star to reach us from space.

Multidimensional universe

The ability to mentally compute and comprehend more than one state of reality or time zone at the same time.


The principle that something can be affected in the absence of a local cause. In quantum physics. This refers to when two particles interact and then separate at a great distance, and measurements show that one particle’s movements affected the other, i.e. they were not sharing the same locality.

Outer time

Murry Hope’s term for the non linear time that exists beyond the confines and concepts of our present understanding and knowledge of the universe, i.e. timelessness, which exists in the subtle dimensions and may be experienced when the psyche is freed from the inner time cycle of this physical world/worlds.

PSI Theory

A ‘blanket term’ used in para-psychology that covers the fields of telepathy, telekinesis, ESP (extra sensory perception), clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, pk (psycho-kinesis) and other phenomena.

Quantum leap

Any abrupt change or step from one level to a quite different one, especially in knowledge and information.


A point in the space time continuum at which space-time becomes infinite, regarded theoretically as the ultimate fate in favour within the event horizon or black hole (Prof Stephen Hawking). To quote Dr John Gribbin: ‘Singularities are entry and exit points of that which is beyond space-time projecting into space-time itself’.


The study of the appliance of sound waves as a form of energy.

Strange Attractors

Pockets of energy that appear to have chaotic influences, but do have an effect on matter and unmanifest energy within their own environment, they are something that gets us out of a rut!


Term used by Prof Carl Jung to explain the probable existence of another physical principle that could connect events that might be otherwise observed on its own. It follows in the realm of causality and change i.e. meetings and coincidences.


The first law of Thermodynamics refers to heat as a form of energy in a closed system with it bang constant. The second law of Thermodynamics deals with the direction in how or why the chemical or physical processes take place. The third law of thermodynamics is concerned with the ‘total heat’ of the system and its sum of internal energy. 

Time and Motion

Newton’s Mechanics: This branch of physics deals with motion (dynamics), i.e. the famous apple!

Einstein’s Special and General Theories of Relativity: Describes motion and gravity i.e. E=Mc2

Quantum Mechanics: The laws governing the worlds of atoms and molecules

Thermodynamics: Deals with heat change and energy conservation
Chaos: Where apparent random behaviour is ruled by deterministic laws

Evolution: Explains the development of life on earth over a period of time, e.g. Darwin’s Origin of the Species. 

Uncertainty principle (Indeterminism)

Reflects the inability to predict the future based on the past or present. To quote Sir Arthur Eddington: ‘Something unknown is doing we don’t know what!’

References/Suggested reading:

Deepak Chapra – The Tao of Physics

Prof. Paul Davies – The Cosmic Blueprint

Prof. Stephen Hawking – A Brief History of Time

Murry Hope – Time: The Ultimate Energy

Prof. Fred Hoyle – The Intelligent Universe

Dr John Gribbin – Timewarps

Prof. Carl Jung – Synchronicity

Prof. Carl Sagan – Cosmos

Dr Rupert Sheldrake – A New Science for Life

Dr Lyall Watson – Supernature

Danah Zonor – The Quantum Self


By Sarah Rooke (Morgraine)

Basil is a top note, i.e. the scent is stimulating and uplifting, so the aroma lasts for 24 hours.  It is very much an oil with a kick, blending well with bergamot, geranium, and hyssop. Therapeutically the uses for this oil includes indigestion, gastro enteritis, headaches and migraines, muscular spasm, anxiety and depression, asthma, bronchitis, and can be used neat on wasp stings.  Magically, this oil is linked to Mars and fire, conscious mind, happiness, peace and money.  Do not take basil internally as it is toxic.
Benzoin is a base note, so the aroma is sedating and lasts for about a week.  The oil blends well with rose and sandalwood.  This was one of the substances the ancient Egyptians used to mummify the dead with.  Therapeutically the uses for this oil include stimulating the circulation, cystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, nervous tension, coughs and flu, dry and irritable skin. Magically the oil is linked to Mercury and air, and is used for physical and magical energy, and conscious mind.
Bergamot is a top note, and blends well with cypress, jasmine, lavender, and neroli.  This oil is used to flavour Earl Grey tea thus it is safe to take internally (1 drop of pure bergamot essential oil in your teapot is sufficient).  Therapeutically its uses include indigestion, colic, cystitis, sore throat, depression, bronchitis, and ulcers.  Magically the oil is linked to the Sun and fire, peace, happiness and restful sleep.
Black pepper is a middle note, so the aroma affects the body systems and metabolism and lasts for a couple of days.  It blends well with frankincense and sandalwood.  Therapeutically, its uses include stimulating circulation, colic, constipation, food poisoning, indigestion, colds, headaches, pains, catarrh, and coughs.  Magically the oil is linked to Mars and fire, alertness, energy, protection and courage.  Inhale the scent when undergoing tough times. Sprinkle some milled black pepper on your food if you have a tummy upset.
Otherwise known as marigold. Calendula is a base note and blends well with lemon and lavender.  Its therapeutic uses include irritations of the skin, psoriasis and fungal infections.  It is often used as a base oil into which other essential oils are blended.  Magically it is linked to the Sun and fire.  Also it is used in psychic dreams, health and comfort.
Camomile is a middle note, and the oil blends well with geranium, lavender, patchouli and rose. Therapeutically it is used for indigestion, ulcers, earache and toothache, painful periods, muscular pains, anxiety and depression, and it is a well known soother of irritable skin. Camomile is also used to lighten blonde hair.  Magically, the oil is linked to Venus and water, being used for sleep, meditation and peace.  Camomile is safe to take internally (1 drop essential oil in a teapot), thus is a boon for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Camphor is a middle note and blends well with frankincense.  Therapeutically, it is used for constipation, gastro-enteritis, depression, debility, insomnia, shock and acne, bruises, wounds and as a respiratory aid.  Magically it is linked to the Moon and water, and its uses include purification, celibacy and energy.
Cedar is a base note, and blends well with bergamot, cypress, jasmine, juniper, neroli and rosemary.  Therapeutically the oil is used for cystitis, anxiety, dandruff, acne, insect repellent, bronchitis, and catarrh.  Magically the oil is lined to the Sun and fire, spirituality and self control. Cedar was well known in the ancient world for being used as incense.  Cedar should not be used by pregnant women.

Clary sage is a top note and blends well with cedar, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, juniper, lavender, and sandalwood.  Therapeutically it is used for high blood pressure, sore throat, painful periods, depression, anxiety and inflamed skin.  Magically the oil is linked is Mercury and air, to euphoria and dreams.  It is an oil with a kick, so do not inhale the scent for long.  Do not use in conjunction with alcohol.
Clove is a base note, and therapeutically its uses include indigestion, sinusitis, neuralgia, asthma and measles.  Magically the oil is linked to Jupiter and fire, and it is used for healing, memory, protection, and courage.  Clove is one of the most aromatic of the spices.  Do not use clove oil neat on the skin, as it can irritate.
Coriander is a top note.  Therapeutically its uses include indigestion, flatulence, and rheumatism. Magically is it linked to Mars and fire, memory, love, and healing.  Much used in Asian and Mexican cookery as flavouring.  The scent of coriander is very exotic indeed.

Cypress is a middle note and blends well with juniper, lavender and sandalwood.  Its therapeutic uses include chilblains, nose bleed, painful periods, muscular cramps, nervous tension, asthma and dry skin.  Magically the oil is linked to Saturn and the Earth, easing losses and healing.  The oil can be useful for bereavement and ending of relationships.
Eucalyptus is a top note and blends well with benzoin, lavender, and pine.  Therapeutically its uses include cystitis, colds, flu, headache, sinuses, infections, aches, pains, neuralgia, fluid retention, asthma, coughs, ulcers, wounds.  Magically it is linked to Mercury and air, health, purification and healing.  Eucalyptus is a well known ingredient in olbas oil and tiger balm.
Fennel is a base note and blends well with geranium, lavender, rose and sandalwood. Therapeutically its uses include colic, constipation, food poisoning, nausea, diuretic, cellulite, fluid retention.  Magically the oil is linked to Mercury and air, courage and purification.  Bitter fennel oil has been proven to be dangerous, so use with caution.
Frankincense is a base note and blends well with basil, geranium, lavender and sandalwood. Therapeutically the oil is used for excretory problems, nervous anxiety and tension, respiratory problems like catarrh, inflamed skin and ulcers.  Magically, the oil is linked to the Sun and air, spirituality and meditation.  It has been in use for thousands of years since ancient times as incense, and was once highly prized, hence offering to baby Jesus.
This oil is a middle note and blends well with all oils, especially basil, the citruses (e.g. lemon and orange) and rose.  Therapeutically the oil is used for digestive problems, urinary disorders, throat infections, sterility, anxiety, fluid retention and eczema. Magically the oil is linked to Venus and water, happiness and protection. Use this oil if you feel that you are under psychic attack.  
Hyssop is a middle note and blends well with the citrus oils, clary sage, lavender, rosemary and sage.  Therapeutically, hyssop has been in use since Biblical times.  It is good for normalizing blood circulation, flatulence, kidney stones, debility, asthma, hayfever, bruises and wounds. Magically the oil is linked to Jupiter and fire, purification, and conscious mind.  People prone to epilepsy should not use hyssop, and neither should it be used by pregnant women.

Jasmine is a base note and blends well with all oils, especially the citrus oils.  Therapeutically, the oil is used for menstrual disorders, childbirth, uterine problems, depression, debility, respiratory problems like coughs, and skin problems.  Magically the oil is linked to the Moon and water, and is used for love, peace, spirituality, sleep, psychic dreams.  Jasmine, along with rose and neroli, has the honour of being one of the most highly priced oils.  Thus you may find obtaining it as an aromatherapy oil (i.e. essential oil in a carrier oil) cheaper.
Juniper is a middle note and blends well with benzoin, cypress, lavender, and sandalwood. Therapeutically, it is used for stimulating circulation, colic, cystitis, painful periods, rheumatic pain, insomnia, stress, acne, eczema and oily skin.  Magically, the oil is linked to the Sun and fire, protection, purification, and healing.  It is mentioned by Dion Fortune in the Sea Priestess as being used in divination.  It was also used as an incense in the ancient temples of Babylon and Egypt.

Lavender is a middle note and blends well with most oils, especially the citrus oils, clary sage, patchouli, pine and rosemary.  Therapeutically, the oil has many uses, commonly called the 'first aid kit in a bottle'.  Good for circulatory problems, digestive problems, excretory problems, headaches, insomnia, earache, infections, muscular aches, anxiety, debility, cellulite, flu, bites, burns, and inflammation.  Magically the oil is linked to Mercury and air, health, love, peace, conscious mind.  It was known to the Romans who used to love bathing in it!

Lemon is top note and blends well with lavender and neroli.  Therapeutically its uses include anaemia, chilblains, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, flu, insect bites and ulcers.  Magically the oil is linked to the Moon and water, health, healing, energy and purification.  Lemon is generally an uplifting oil, but don’t use neat on the skin as it can irritate.
Lemongrass is a top note and blends well with geranium, jasmine and lavender.  Therapeutically its uses involve colitis, indigestion, muscular tone and as a tonic.  Magically the oil is linked to Mercury and air, psychic awareness and purification.  Lemongrass is a much used herb in Asian cookery.  Don’t use lemongrass neat on the skin, as again it can irritate.
Majoram is a middle note and blends well with bergamot, lavender and rosemary. Therapeutically its uses include lowering blood pressure, constipation, colds, headaches, painful periods, muscular pain, anxiety, insomnia, asthma and catarrh.  Magically the oil is linked to Mercury and air, peace and sleep.  Majoram was well known to the Romans.  It should not be used by pregnant women.
Melissa is a middle note and blends well with geranium, lavender, neroli, and ylang ylang. Therapeutically it is used for indigestion, headache, migraine, painful periods, tension, as a tonic, and for bee and wasp stings.  Magically it is linked to Jupiter and air, peace, money and purification.  In Roman times, furniture was rubbed with the herb to ward off evil spirits.  It was known to Culpepper to uplift the spirits.
Myrrh is a base note and blends well with camphor and lavender.  Therapeutically, it is good for digestive problems, excretory problem, ulcers and inflammations of the skin.  Magically myrrh is linked to Saturn and water, spirituality, meditation and healing.  This is another substance that has been used as incense in religious rituals for thousands of years, and the ancient Egyptians used myrrh cosmetically in face masks.
Neroli is a base note and blends well with benzoin, clary sage, geranium, and lavender.  Often used in the perfume industry.  Therapeutically the oil is used for flatulence, anxiety, depression, insomnia and dry skin.  Magically the oil is linked to the Sun and fire, purification, joy and love. Often known as 'man trap', as it can be used by women to attract the opposite sex.  Like rose and jasmine, the pure essential oil is pricey, so you may wish to purchase this as an aromatherapy oil.


Not to be confused with neroli, niaouli is a top note.  Therapeutically it is used for indigestion, urinary infections, sore throat, bronchitis, insect bites and wounds.  Magically it is linked to Mercury and air, protection and healing.  Scott Cunningham recommends this oil against psychic attack.

Nutmeg is a base note and therapeutically it is used for digestive problems and rheumatism. Magically it is linked to Jupiter and fire, energy, psychic awareness and money.  Sprinkle alittle of the spice into a glass of warm milk to help you sleep and if you have an upset tummy.  Do not use in large doses, as it can bring on mental disorder.
Patchouli is a base note and blends well with bergamot, geranium, lavender, myrrh, neroli, pine and rose.  It is an oil you will either love or hate.  Therapeutically, the oil is used for fluid retention, anxiety, depression, sores and wounds.  Magically the oil is linked to Saturn and the Earth, love, sensuality, energy and money.  Much used in the 1960's to disguise the scent of marijuana.
Peppermint is a middle note and blends well with benzoin and rosemary.  It is used in confectionery as a flavouring.  Therapeutically it is used for indigestion, stomach pain, headache, migraine, colds, painful periods, debility, flu and inflammation.  Magically it is linked to Mercury and air, conscious mind and purification.  Peppermint is also one of the few oils safe to take in tea (1 drop in a teapot of water).
Petitgrain is a top note and therapeutically its uses include nervous tension and acne.  Magically it is linked to the Sun and fire, conscious mind and protection.  The oil is also used in the cosmetic industry as a perfume in skin cream preparations.
Pine is a middle note and blends well with cedar, rosemary and sage.  It is widely used in bath preparations, detergents and cleaners etc.  Therapeutically it is used for gall stones, cystitis, sinuses, debility, asthma, flu and bronchitis.  Magically it is linked to Mars and air, healing, purification, protection, energy and money.

Rose is a base note and blends well with bergamot, clary sage, geranium, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood.  Therapeutically it is used for poor blood circulation, constipation, nausea, earache, headache, sterility, depression, insomnia, stress and dry skin.  Rose is the least toxic of the oils, so it is safe to take in tea (1 drop of the essential oil in a teapot) and can be used on children.  Magically the oil is linked to Venus and water, love, peace and beauty.  If you need uplifting, inhale the scent of rose to make you feel special (this is especially recommended for women).  Like neroli and jasmine, it may be best to purchase this as an aromatherapy oil as it is quite pricey.
Rosemary is a middle note and blends well with basil, cedar, frankincense, lavender, and peppermint.   Therapeutically the oil is used for constipation, flatulence, stomach pains, headache, migraine, aches and pains, debility, fluid retention, asthma, flu, dandruff and wounds. Magically the oil is linked to memory, love and longevity.  The ancient Greeks used rosemary as incense in their temples and love spells.
Sage is a top note and blends well with bergamot, hyssop, lemon, lavender and rosemary. Therapeutically the oil is used for diuretic problems, rheumatic conditions, nervous tonic, fluid retention, ulcers and wounds.  Magically the oil is linked to Jupiter and air, memory, conscious mind, wisdom and money.  The American Indians burn the herb as incense in their sweat lodges to produce vision quests.  Sage should not be used by pregnant women.
Sandalwood is a base note and blends well with benzoin, cypress, frankincense, neroli and ylang ylang.  Therapeutically the oil is used for colic, nausea, gastritis, depression, tension, cough, catarrh, sore throat, dry and inflamed skin.  Magically the oil is linked to the Moon and water, spirituality, meditation, love and healing.   It has been used as incense for thousands of years by the Hindus and Chinese.  
Star Anise is a middle note; therapeutically its uses include flatulence, indigestion, migraine, painful periods and coughs.  It has a distinctive scent like liquorice.  Magically it is linked to Jupiter and air.  Its uses include psychic awareness and enhancing psychic abilities.


Tea tree is a top note and is so called, since it is the substance Captain Cook is said to have drunk arriving in Australia.  Therapeutically it is used for indigestion, colds, mouthwash, sore throat, bronchitis, wounds, head lice, insect repellent and insect bites.  Magically it is linked to the Earth and is used for purification.  However, its therapeutic uses far outweigh this as it has antiseptic properties.  Much used in bath preparations as it is highly cleansing.
Thyme is a middle note and blends well with bergamot, lemon, melissa and rosemary. Therapeutically its uses include low blood pressure, digestive problems, colds, flu, sore throats, and irregular periods. rheumatism, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, depression, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, sores and hair loss.  Magically it is linked to Venus and water, courage, conscious mind, and health (also 'thyme heals all'?).  The Romans used thyme to ward off evil spirits. Thyme should not be used by pregnant women.
Ylang ylang is a base note and blends well with all oils, especially jasmine and sandalwood. Therapeutically it is used for high blood pressure, gastro enteritis, depression, insomnia, tension and oily skin.  Magically it is linked to Venus and water, peace and love.  Inhale the scent if you are anxious, it will calm you down.  This is also a nice scent in your home.

Some suggested further reading:

Practical Aromatherapy by Shirley Price
My bible, for wont of a better term.  Shirley tells you all she knows in this handy sized book which is packed with info.  
Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham
If you want to know all about the magical side of the oils, Scott's your man
Aromatherapy for Women by Maggie Tisserand
Good little informative book for us ladies, with some homeopathic tips as well.


By Sarah Rooke, Archdruidess

The following is meant to be a quick guide to common herbs one might find in the home or garden and their usages.  This is for general information only.  As with all alternative medicines, please consult with your doctor or medic and please do not exceed the recommended dose.   

AGNUS CASTUS – menstrual problems e.g. PMT, menopause

ALOE – soothing and healing, variety of uses (buy in gel form)

ANGELICA –debilitating illnesses, convalescence

ANISEED – laxative, colic, coughs

ARNICA – bruises, sprains and strains (use externally! Toxic!)

BLACK COHOSH – rheumatism, cramps, inflammation

BLUE COHOSH – menstrual problems, menopause

CARAWAY - colic, flatulence, chesty colds

CARADOM – flatulence, colic, laxative

CATMINT – colds and flu, colic, diarrhoea, fever, flatulence

CAYENNE – colds and flu, colic, dyspepsia, flatulence

CHAMOMILE – colic, diarrhoea, flatulence, nausea, period pains, insomnia

CINNAMON – dyspepsia, digestive problems

COMFREY – bruises, cuts, grazes, sprains, wounds

DANDELION – constipation, cystitis

DILL – flatulence, colic (useful for children)

DONG QUAI – menstrual problems, muscle pain

ECHINACEA – acne, cystitis, flu, laryngitis, thrush, tonsillitis

EYEBRIGHT – catarrh, conjunctivitis, eye problems

FENNEL – colic, flatulence, constipation,

FEVERFEW - headaches, migraines, digestion

GARLIC – colds and flu, catarrh, fever, circulation

GINGER – colic, flu, morning sickness, circulation, rheumatism

GINSENG – stimulant, exhaustion, stress

LAVENDER – anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, stress

LEMON BALM – anxiety, insomnia, periods

MARIGOLD - burns, cuts, grazes, ulcers

NETTLE – acne, rheumatism, skin problems, tonic

NUTMEG – nausea, colic, digestion (warning: brings on mental disorder!)

OATS – debilitating illnesses and convalescence

PARSLEY – digestion, urinary, debility  

PEPPERMINT – colds and flu, digestion, nausea, periods

RASPBERRY LEAF – pregnancy, labour, periods

ROSEMARY – anxiety, hair problems, headaches, muscles

SAGE – laryngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis

SLIPPERY ELM – diarrhoea, digestion, inflammation

ST JOHNS WORT – anxiety, depression, stress

THYME – bronchitis, laryngitis, sore throats

VALERIAN –anxiety, insomnia, migraines

VEVAIN – debility, fever, migraine

WITCH HAZEL – bruises, swellings, wounds


By Sarah Rooke (Morgraine)

A very sweet green variety of quartz, usually available in touchstone form from most New Age outlets.  This is a handy one to have.  Good for emotional and etheric bodies, it has a calming influence.  The chakra it relates to is the heart.
A variety of chalcedony, this comes in many colours.  Tones and strengthens body and mind, works with the chakras according to the colour of the stone.  Slices of agate make nice display pieces.

One of my favourite stones, this is fossilised pine resin from prehistoric trees.  Therefore, if there are any inclusions, this gives the stone more power.  The redder shades work on the kundalini, whilst the golden tones work on the crown centre.  Very good for getting rid of infection and drawing out pain, however the stone has a tendency to become cloudy.  Many Priestesses in Wicca and Druidry wear jewellery made of amber, going back to the days of the Saxons and Vikings.  The stone has associations with the Goddess.

A beautiful purple variety of quartz, Roman legend has it that amethyst wards of drunkenness. Very good for headaches and insomnia.  Lots of New Age jewellery features this stone.  It connects to the crown chakra, and has a transmutating effect by encouraging meditation and seeking enlightenment (many bishops wear rings of this stone).  Its high density vibration connects to the higher spheres and spirit guides, thus it is a good stone for the mystic and psychic. Birthstone for February.
Meaning 'gem of the sea'.  This stone carries obvious water connections.  A variety of beryl, it is calming and purifying.  It works on the throat chakra, thus is linked to communication.  This stone comes in lovely varying shades of blue, and is good at balancing and filtering energies. Birthstone for March.

These hexagonal crystals are formed by twinning.  Thus the union of two crystals in this manner signifies the tantric joining of male and female.  Calming and peaceful, they come in either clear or lavender shades.  A supportive meditative stone.

A rare indigo stone this, but valuable if you can get it.  This stone has the ability to draw out mental and psychological pain, thus it works on the third eye chakra.  It represents also occult wisdom and the mysteries, thus enabling contact with the higher planes and spirit guides.
A variety of chalcedony, strengthens the blood system and heart.  If you suffer from anaemia, this stone will help.  Also linked to the base chakra, this stone can be very grounding for those individuals who are away with the fairies somewhat!
A variety of agate, this stone is a gentle blue banded crystal that works on the throat chakra. Calming and balancing, this little stone makes a nice touchstone and is readily available from most new age shops

A variety of chalcedony.  This stone is linked to the stomach chakra, thus it aids in assimilation and digestion.  An energising stone, another nice little touchstone to have as it is warming and friendly.  Can also be earthing to hold.
A lovely blue crystal this, usually comes in a cluster.  Very much of the angelic realms, it connects to the throat chakra.  Reduces stress and is calming, this is also a nice meditative stone to have in your home.
A variety of quartz, this lovely yellow stone is linked to the stomach chakra.  I always feel a sense of joy when I hold my citrine, maybe because it carries the energies of the sun inside. Very good for digestion and depression, however please be aware that most citrine on the market is baked amethyst.  The darker shades work more on transmutation, whilst the lighter shades promote clarity.

Marilyn Monroe sang 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend' and Shirley Bassey sang 'Diamonds are Forever'.  The hardest substance known to man and the most precious of gemstones. Whenever I wear diamond, I always feel a sense of clarity.  A master healer, this stone links to all chakras as it manifests all the rays of the spectrum, and especially of the white light of the higher realms.  Birthstone for April.

One of the new gemstones, very much still evolving.  This pretty green stone is linked to the heart.  Its strong healing energy reminds us of the earth, therefore this stone can be very balancing emotionally.

Elestials are a variety of crystal cluster linked to the angelic realms.  They contain a vast amount of knowledge and healing.  Can be used to gain cosmic awareness, they also remove negativity from the aura.  One of the new master crystals.


One of my favourite stones, this variety of beryl is also one of the most precious.  Emerald is linked to the heart and earth, thus it is balancing.  A tonic for body and mind, it is very much a Goddess stone, so is useful in meditation.  Please wear emerald alone or with the diamond, as other stones can diminish its power.  Birthstone for May.
Another new stone, this comes in purple or green varieties or a mixture of both.  Thus it will work on the crown or heart chakra according to its colour.  Usually hexagonal in shape, like a double pyramid.  This can be used in meditation.

One of the semi precious stones, garnet is another favourite of mine.  In Medieval times, a combination of garnet, pearl and gold was used in jewellery.  Garnet represented the blood of Christ, pearl his purity, and gold his kingship.  The combination can still be pretty potent today and I always feel a sense of strength when I wear garnet.  The garnet is linked to the base chakra and kundalini, and is the birthstone for January.
This black stone is linked to the base chakra, but it is also linked to the blood system on account of its composition of iron.  Its powers are also grounding and it strengthens the physical body.

Not a true diamond, but a variety of quartz.  This stone can be a marvellous all round healer and can amplify energies.  Linked to all chakras, but especially the crown.  'Herkies' that have black spots are very special, as they are recorders and thus contain information.  Thus they are one of the new master crystals.
Another new gemstone. and am I attracted to this one!  This is a lovely indigo purple stone, and is linked to the third eye and crown chakra.  A nice meditative stone to have, linked also to spirit guides, dreams and the mysteries.  


As the name says, this variety of quartz is linked to the Goddess Isis.  Easily recognised by the five pointed marker on the terminal (end) that is facing upwards.  Very special meditative crystals these, they contain the Divine Feminine.  This is one of the new master crystals.

Works on the chakras according to the colour of the stone.  Lavender works on the crown, green on the heart, charcoal on the base, red on the kundalini, and yellow on the solar plexus.  Red and yellow were the most sacred in ancient China, reserved for the Emperor alone.  The stone is also linked to the dragon energy, as it is considered lucky and is connected to the earth.
A variety of chalcedony.  Jasper is a powerful grounding and good all round healer, depending on its colour. A stone that works more on the physical body, it is a nice little touchstone to have.

A pretty pink stone this, with characteristic striations.  This stone has a high lithium content, so it is useful for people with addictions.  The soft pink helps one open up the heart chakra, and thus aids to heal the emotions.  Also electromagnetic.

One of the new gemstones.  Also known as spectrolite, this stone also has a high lithium content, so useful for people with addictions.  The lovely iridescent silver blue tones of this stone link it to the higher chakras, consciousness and meditations with spirit guides.  I am certainly attracted to this one!  
The sacred stone of the ancient Egyptians, said to be the stone of heaven.  The gold flecks in this lovely dark blue stone enables contact with the higher planes and spirit guides.  A stone for the third eye, psychic vision and communication.
A variety of quartz.  These are specialist crystals that are long and slender, and can be used in crystal surgery.  They cut away blocked energy and can help repair the aura.  Look out for special markings on these, indicating use in the past.  One of the new master crystals.
A striped green stone that has the ability to draw out pain.  This stone is very shamanic in its uses, and is excellent at unblocking areas and rebalancing.  Use this stone with azurite for full benefit.

A form of meteorite that fell to Earth about 15 million years ago.  It is clear green and apart from working on the heart, aids in contact with extraterrestrial and inter dimensional sources.  A very new age stone you will either love or hate.
A lovely white silver iridescent stone that has links to the lunar energies and also regarded as helping to bring out the feminine qualities.  Very popular in jewellery, this stone is very calming and helps relieve stress.
A very grounding black stone, but also one to help you explore hidden depths.  The American Indians used to make their arrows out of this stone as it is very hard.  The stone also has a reflective surface, thus acts as a mirror for negative energies.  Snowflake obsidian helps to strengthen the male and female polarities.  
A variety of chalcedony.  Relieves stress and acts on the base chakra.   This little black stone is generally known to assist in emotional balance.
A popular white iridescent stone, this stone can reflect all the colours of the aurora borealis, thus it works on all chakras.  This stone can also aid in intuition and resonates with the higher powers.  Birthstone for October.
One of my favourite stones, an English woman’s trademark and made popular by Elizabeth I.  I always feel regal when I wear mine.  Please note that the freshwater variety is the more powerful.  Pearl is linked to our development, wisdom and purity.  Birthstone for June.
A green yellow stone that works on the heart and stomach chakras, thus it helps relieve depression and is an aid to anyone with irritable bowel syndrome.  This stone became popular in the 1950's just after World War II.  Birthstone for August.
These are quartz crystals with another crystal growing inside them.  Thus these are linked to geometry and pyramid power.  This means they can be used to reconnect to past life memories and initiations of the higher consciousness.  They are one of the new master crystals.
The must have stone for anyone working with crystals.  An all round healer and balancer. Works on all chakras, this clear stone helps unblock and recharge energies.  Also useful to have in meditation, helps contact with higher guides.
A lovely pink stone this, and can be given as gifts between people.  Works on the heart chakra and helps ease tension, stress, anger and fear.  Also can dispel headaches.  Literally opens the heart up to love and emotional healing.  Makes a nice touchstone.
A variety of tourmaline.  This lovely pink stone heals the heart.  Its lithium content aids emotional stability.  The deeper tones work the base chakra transforming the passions.  I always feel comforted when I wear my rubellite

One of the traid of precious stones (along with Emerald and Sapphire).  Works on the base and heart chakras.  It revitalises and redefines the passions, lifting them to a higher plane.  Also helps the blood system.  Birthstone for July.

This form of quartz has golden striations in it, giving it the ability to regenerate and revitalise. Gives a sense of inspiration, and increases psychic abilities.  Highly electrical, it can pierce through layers of your being.
One of the sacred triad of precious stones.  The blue variety works on the third eye, thus enhancing psychic abilities and connections to higher guides.  Can also be used as an aid for migraine and headaches.  Sapphire can also come in many other colours (e.g. green, pink), thus will work on the chakra concerned.   Birthstone for September.

Known as the psychic dustbin, this stone will draw out negativity and dump it for you.  It works also on the base chakra, and initiates the development of the kundalini.  Grounding and an excellent aid in meditation.
This blue stone helps on the throat and third eye, thus it helps with communication.  It is calming and sedating.  Similar to lapis, but not as intense and is cheaper in price.  A nice little touchstone to have around.

One of the new gemstones.  Discovered in the 1960's by Professor Sugi in Japan, this stone is rare.  A dense speckled purple stone, that works on the third eye and crown chakra.


Another new gemstone, this stone was discovered around the 1950's in Tanzania and was given its name by Tiffanys.  Another new gemstone and expensive in price, as it is rare.  However, it’s purplish bluish tones means that it works on the third eye and crown chakra, and am I attracted to it!  
A variety of chalcedony; this striped iridescent golden brown stone is beneficial for the digestive system.  Also very grounding, it strengthens and is very much masculine on account of the colour.
Comes in either golden or blue tones.  It detoxifies and draws out negativity from the body. The stone will also give its power to the wearer. Soothing and calming, it works on the chakra according to the stone.  Birthstone for November.

Comes in a variety of colours, and thus works on the chakras according to the colour of the stone.  Balances endocrine system, aids in meditation, and highly electromagnetic so a powerful healer.
The sacred stone of the Tibetans and American Indians, this stone represents the sky, so therefore is shamanic.  Aligned to the throat chakra, it is also grounding and enables us to value the Earth mother.  Birthstone for December.

A clear stone similar to the quartz crystal and Herkimer diamond.  Much used in jewellery as a substitute for diamond, this stone is an all round healer.  Helps with insomnia and in unblocking energies.

Some suggested further reading:
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