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May is a time of fertility throughout the land. We notice the suns warmth  increasing and the land and trees are once again green as the day lengthens, the Hawthorn is in bloom full of the flowers of May. On May 1st we celebrate Beltane(popular date), this fire festival is celebrated with bonfires, Maypoles and dancing,  as we honour the fertility of the goddess. celebrate the new life that  is ripe throughout the land.  Beltane is really halfway (6th May) between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice which will be the next turning point in the wheel of the year,(see the Wheel of the year Page for more info) This month it is a good time to work on  healing, growth of knowledge, nurturing. May/Beltane is also a tradition time to have a handfasting.

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Wychwood - King Goblin.

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Heavy Horses

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